Gfycat shuttering on 1st September

  • Snap, the parent company of Gfycat, has confirmed that the GIF-creating platform will be shutting down on 1st September this year.
  • The news follows the expiry of Gfycat’s security certificates earlier this year, as well as reports of the platform having no one to work on it.
  • Gfycat is urging users to save or delete their GIFs before 1st September.

Remember Gfycat? That’s what people will be saying a decade from now as the GIF-creating platform is set to shut down as of 1st September 2023. Snap Inc, which is the parent company of Gfycat, confirmed that the site will be inaccessible after 1st September.

While there is no official press release on the subject, when you visit the website right now, you are greeted with an unwelcome message.

“The Gfycat service is being discontinued. Please save or delete your Gfycat content by visiting and logging in to your account. After September 1, 2023, all Gfycat content and data will be deleted from”

It is a rather unceremonious end to a platform which was once quite popular, but as Engadget rightly reports, has had a tough time of things lately due to a serious lack of interest from its parent company.

For example, in May Snap Inc reportedly allowed the security certificates for the platform expire, which resulted in the site being inaccessible for some time, along with several issues regarding malfunctioning content in the weeks that followed after the site became accessible again.

On Reddit users have also been complaining for months over their content failing to upload correctly, or archived GIFs simply not working any more, with attempts to contact support being met with little to no response.

As such, it looks like the site was already on its last legs for some time now. Whether another company will come in to save the soon-to-be shut down site remains to be seen, but chances are slim, given that they’d have to acquire it from Snap Inc.


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