Great deals at the Epic Games Store Summer Sale

  • The Epic Game Store Summer Sale has launched offering discounts of up to 75 percent on selected AAA PC games.
  • From Rockstar to EA and many in between, some of the world’s biggest publishers are seeing great deals for popular titles.
  • Epic is also offering increased Epic Rewards of up to 10 percent, which means more discounts can be applied.

The sometimes controversial Epic Games Store is hosting a Summer Sale hot on the heels of rival Steam’s own Summer Sale which ended just last week. While Epic’s store offers fewer games than the exhaustive catalogue over at Valve, there are a few AAA titles going for cheap for the duration of the sale, which ends 3rd August 2023.

Some games are being reduced by around 75 percent.

Here are a few selected titles we think will give you the best value for money during the Epic Games Store sale:

Red Dead Redemption 2 – R329.67 from R999.

Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition including all DLC and Online content – R292.16 from R584.32

Borderlands 3 – R116.69 from R777.99

Alan Wake Remastered – R84.39 from R201.99

FIFA 23 – R274.98 from R1 099.95

STAR WARS Battlefront 2 – R162.48 from R649.95

FAR CRY 6 – R249.75 from R999

Battlefield 2042 – R299.98 from R999.95

Watch Dogs: Legion – R149.85 from R999

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – R199.80 from R999

Assassin’s Creed Origins – R149.85 from R999

Unfortunately some of the desirable games aren’t seeing any price reductions from Epic, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which is still full price.

Some new games are also being reduced slightly, such as Dead Island 2 which is down to R801.75 from R1 069, and STAR WARS Jedi Survivor which is down 25 percent to R824.96.

There are a host of other games being discounted on the Epic Games Store, if slightly, to be discovered so maybe you chance upon a title you have been waiting for a sale to try out. During the sale, Epic will also reward players with 10 percent more of the store’s digital currency.

This new lootboxy Epic-Bux is called “Epic Rewards” and was recently launched, allowing players to “…earn 5 percent back on all eligible purchases on the Epic Games Store (including in-game purchases made using our payment system).”

“For the entire duration of the Summer Sale we’ll be boosting that 5% up to 10% on all eligible purchases — and that boost is applied store-wide, not just the products on sale. But with discounts up to 75% off, you can find your next favorite game (or expand that backlog) with some amazing savings while also earning double the rewards,” Epic explains in a blog post.

What can you do with Epic Rewards? Well, as you buy more games you accumulate more rewards, which can be applied at checkout for discounts on new games to buy. Its basically a feedback loop system which the Fortnite creator is no stranger to.


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