Multiple fibre providers see connectivity issues nationwide

  • Fibre internet provider Cool Ideas says itself and other providers nationwide are being affected by a connectivity issue.
  • The firm first noticed the issue on 3rd July 2023 and says that it has its technicians investigating the cause.
  • In 2020, a breakage in the West African Cable System caused internet speeds to crawl to a snail’s pace across South Africa.

At the office, we’ve been noticing a spotty internet connection for some time, but couldn’t decipher the root cause of the problem. It looks like we weren’t alone in this, and fibre provider Cool Ideas – regarded as the provider of the fastest internet speeds in South Africa – has announced that multiple fibre network operators nationwide are encountering similar issues.

The announcement was issued first on 3rd July 2023 at 10:36, with Cool Ideas noting “intermittent connectivity.” As the provider puts it, “Customers will experience Intermittent connection between regions and internationally.”

It says that its technicians are investigating the cause, adding that multiple providers are affected at a national level.

Nationwide connectivity issues affecting multiple providers are rare but have been reported in the past. In 2020, the West African Cable System (WACS) was trapped under heavy sediment and suffered structural damage.

This system is one of the major internet connectors of South Africa, and many other African nations, to nations in Europe.

The break that occurred in January 2020 lead to many South Africans battling with slow internet speeds, for several weeks until it was finally repaired in February.

WACS would suffer another break in March of that year, during the first of South Africa’s hard lockdowns. Providing a further stressor for the millions that would begin their working-from-home journeys.

As for the recent connectivity issues, Cool Ideas is not sure where the intermittent connectivity is stemming from. Other providers like Vumatel and Afrihost have not made any similar announcements, nor does Cool Ideas say which other providers have been affected.

But if you notice an inexplicably stuttering connection in the next few days, know that at least someone is looking into it.

[Image – Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash]


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