Big change coming to Hypertext podcasts

The africast is changing.

Kicking off on 1st August 2014, the htxt.africast as it was known at the time, has been going in its current format for nine years now.

One of the longest running consumer technology podcasts in South Africa, the team at Hypertext was chosen to shake things up a bit and bring our loyal listeners something different. While we have enjoyed talking about the latest tech news, trends, announcements, and more on the africast, the current setup was due for a change.

Said change comes in the form of four new podcasts, all of which are presented by Hypertext.

The new podcast shows are:

  • Always Online – This podcast is focused on internet culture, how trending topics play out on social media, and access to online resources, publishing in the first week of every month.
  • The Discourse – Here Hypertext will be bringing industry experts to weigh in with their insights on locally relevant topics, publishing in the second week of every month.
  • Geeks Love Lists – Our readers will play a key part here, offering up pop culture submissions as we whittle down a selection to the top picks, publishing every third week of the month.
  • Mass Debate – Published on the fourth week of every month, this podcast will see one team member debate another as we draw lines on divisive topics and pick a winner.

You can expect the first in this new format of podcasts to be published on 8th September, so be on the lookout for the debut of Always Online as we look at Zuck vs. Musk and online tribalism.

On the agenda for the rest of September will be The Discourse as it looks at the Growth of 5G in SA with three industry experts, then a roundup of the Best Streaming Alternatives for Geeks Love Lists, and finally Private vs. Public Universities for Mass Debate.

While our podcast format is changing moving forward, the quality and passion that goes into them, is not. We hope our readers are as excited for this evolution as we are.


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