Overwatch 2 Invasion DLC isn’t working on Steam

  • A day after Overwatch 2 launched on Steam, users aren’t receiving the content they’re paying for when they bought the Invasion DLC bundle.
  • Thousands of users have taken to Steam reviews to voice their anger at Blizzard for the failure to include the DLC after a R429.00 purchase.
  • Blizzard says that it is aware of the issue, that it is Steam-related and that it is working on it.

The first Blizzard game to ever launch outside the platform is Overwatch 2, which has hit Steam as of Thursday. It launches as a free-to-play title with options to purchase add-on bundles available.

Immediately after launching on the platform the game received 22 619 negative reviews – setting it up as “Overwhelmingly Negative” with only 17 percent of players writing positive reviews. The Steam launch of the game coincides with the much-anticipated arrival of story missions to the previously Team Fortress-style mission-based shooter.

While some are made available to the game for free, Steam users can purchase the Invasion Bundle DLC to receive “permanent access to Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions.” However many users are writing in that they have received nothing from the DLC after buying the bundle on the platform – which costs R429.00.

“I’ve purchased the DLC through steam and not recieved any of it. I’ve made a ticket on bnet (Battle.Net), they’ve redirected me over to steam support, which also redirects me back to blizzard customer support. They both refuse to help me about the situation. -DO NOT PURCHASE YET-,” one reviewer wrote.

“After purchasing the DLC, it is not on the account. Don’t buy until the problem is fixed,” said another.

“Personally, as a Destiny 2 fan, I LOVE paying for nothing content! Got really worried for a second that when I purchased this product that it would come with content, however, to my surprise it actually didn’t give me anything!!,” a sarcastically positive reviewer noted.

It looks like hundreds of people have purchased the DLC and not received the content, which also includes 1 000 Overwatch coins, Earnable Vigilante Sojourn Legendary Skin, and a new hero with Sojourn.

Even more users on the official Overwatch 2 forums say they have purchased the R400 DLC of the highly requested and expected new mode of play and not received a thing from Steam or Blizzard. According to a dev post from Blizzard, the company is aware that some purchases are not leading to content being added on Steam.

“We identified and are working to resolve an issue with purchases on Steam not granting access to the content in the game. For those affected, please try restarting your Overwatch 2 game client,” said Overwatch 2 community manager known only as Craig.

Another running issue relates to the Steam overlay – which is often disabled by users to increase framerates and reduce lag. It seems that playing without the overlay on Steam “will require the QR code flow for account creation and will block in-game purchases.”

Blizzard is seemingly unable to launch Overwatch 2 properly. The game initially launched last year in October and faced problems with servers as well as an angry community disappointed with the state of the game. Similarly to current problems with the Steam DLC, the initial launch also saw missing in-game features and currencies.

The Steam launch sets up what is essentially a rebirth for the much-maligned game, with a brand new support hero being introduced at the same time in Illari.

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