BLUETTI the latest brand to tout portable power stations in SA

  • Energy solution brand BLUETTI is highlighting its latest lineup of locally available power stations.
  • The offerings run a fairly wide gamut in terms of functionality and price.
  • BLUETTI’s flagship model is the AC200MAX, which offers scalable backup power during loadshedding.

In recent months we have seen a number of manufacturers move to portable power stations as the go-to backup power solutions in the ongoing fight against loadshedding. Acutely aware of this shift among consumers and homeowners, BLUETTI too has highlighted its range of portable power stations.

The backup power specialists currently has four models in its lineup aimed at the South African context in particular, with the quartet running a fairly wide gamut in terms of functionality, capability, and price.

More specifically BLUETTI focused on the following devices in a press release sent to Hypertext:

For the purposes of this story, we’re focusing on the two ends of the pricing spectrum, looking at the EB3A and AC200MAX+B230.

Starting with the former, it is relatively light by power station standards, weighing 4.6kg. The EB3A offers a capacity of 268Wh and a 600W maximum output to power smaller electronics and devices in particular, according to BLUETTI.

“It features nine outlets and can charge a 100W laptop (notebook) for approximately 3.5 hours, a 60W mini fridge for 3.6 hours and a 5W light for 30 hours,” it explained.

“Once depleted, the EB3A can be recharged by AC power, solar panels, a car or a generator – and supports 430W dual charging to reach a full charge within two hours. It also features UPS functionality to power critical loads during sudden power failures and can be easily controlled remotely from a smartphone,” it added.

BLUETTI’s AC200MAX and B230 scalable power station.

As for the AC200MAX, it is BLUETTI’s flagship model and here is combined with the B230 in order to expand its power capacity. On its own, the AC200MAX serves up a 2 048Wh battery capacity and a 2 200W AC output (4,800W surge).

“The 16-outlet power station provides uninterrupted power to most household appliances and essential devices during load-shedding, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and electric ovens,” noted BLUETTI.

“It can power a 150W refrigerator for 10 hours, a 10W light bulb for over 150 hours, or a 5000 BTU AC for one to four hours. This capacity can also be extended by adding two 2,048Wh B230 battery units, increasing the total battery capacity to 6,144Wh and enabling users to power these devices two or even three times longer,” it continued.

While we are yet to test BLUETTI’s offerings, it looks like power stations are becoming a more popular backup solution in South Africa for a number of reasons, including affordability and relatively quick charging times.

Either way, having more locally available options can only be a good thing, especially as the energy crisis persists and the festive season approaching.

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