Everything you missed at OpenText Summit Africa 2023

Information management experts OpenText wrapped up the latest OpenText Summit Africa 2023 in Gauteng. For those who couldn’t make it, we were there for a full day of insightful keynotes, breakout sessions and presentations about the event’s main theme – “Business 2030”.

Business is at a crossroads at the moment with AI pushing things ever further, and even faster, while sustainability has to be kept in mind at all times to ensure that there is a greener future for both human and machine minds alike. You could see this focus on sustainability not just in the speeches of the speakers, but even in the event itself. Guests, for example, were given a glass bottle when arriving which could be filled by fountains throughout the event hall.

Little touches like this are going to be not only welcome but necessary to ensure a better tomorrow. This nuanced approach to the little details really reflects OpenText’s approach to Business 2030 and its huge array of software suites to meet every challenge that any individual, business, organisation or government could throw at us.

What really impressed the crowds, us included, was just how much and how fast OpenText has adopted AI. The OpenText Aviator and opentext.ai platform is already in use by customers and it is seeing a roll out with more presence and features throughout the rest of this year and going into 2024.

As for sustainability it’s no secret that AI is a rather intensive field to run any kind of machine on. Here OpenText again has the answer. For example take smart monitoring tools, some of which are also running AI. Customers can easily cut down on server use which not only reduces their costs, but also massively slashes carbon output of those servers and other environmental impacts.

This approach to data-trained reduction really seems like the future where the environment can be helped by cognisant use of resources which also saves money. With budgets in just about every industry slashed on all fronts this gives much needed breathing room to better allocate stretched resources.

Outside of the very serious talks on AI and sustainability, the unmatched networking opportunities at OpenText Summit Africa 2023 cannot be overlooked. Guests got to meet their fellow attendees at the breaks between talks or at the dedicated after-hours event.

Feel like you missed out? Worry not as we have you covered. See our extensive list of articles below which chronicle what happened at OpenText Summit Africa 2023 and also check out the dedicated website here.

You can always contact OpenText right now to get your organisation started towards Business 2030 and be on the lookout for OpenText Summit Africa 2024.

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