Looks like rain is inviting customers to beta test GeForce Now for R1

  • A reader has sent us a screenshot showing that they have been invited to beta test GeForce Now in South Africa.
  • This comes after a lengthy internal testing phase conducted by rain.
  • This phase appears to be rather small with space being offered on a first come, first served basis.

Yesterday we reported on some developments regarding rain’s local launch of GeForce Now and now we have a bit more news from Yusuf Khan who shared a screenshot with us on X.

The screenshot states that the customer has “been chosen to be part of the beta phase for GeForce Now, powered by rain”.

The service has been in an internal testing phase at rain for a while now but this looks to be a bit more public.

A screenshot further directs the user to tap a button and act fast as the offer is “first come, first served”. This suggests that this phase of the test – which will seemingly last for up to four weeks – is rather small.

Screenshot courtesy of Yusuf Khan on X.

Interestingly, the offer tells the person to sign into their rain account or join rain, suggesting that there is potential for non-rain customers to be offered a spot in this beta testing phase.

In communication with Khan he tells us that he was eventually able to access the service where he was able to access the Priority service for R1 per month for rain customers and R3 per month for non-rain customers. We suspect this low pricing is only for the beta.

Screenshot courtesy of Yusuf Khan on X.

Pricing aside, Khan says he played Destiny 2 on a notebook without a discrete GPU through a Chrome browser.

“It worked very well. Crisp quality and very little latency,” says Khan adding that he was told to install the Windows app for a better experience. He was also using a 50Mbps fibre line.

Those who are selected to participate can link their Steam, Epic and Ubisoft accounts to GeForce Now and access their library of games. Alternatively, there are a host of free Quick Access titles you can play if you don’t have games on those platforms.

In the UK GeForce Now features three different tiers. A free tier gives gamers access to a basic rig where they can play for an hour at a time. There is also a Priority and Ultimate tier which require payment. Priority is £8.99 and gives you access to a Premium rig with RTX enabled, up to 1080p resolution, up to 60FPS, and a six-hour session. Ultimate gives you access to a rig running an RTX 4080, up to 4K resolution and 120FPS and an eight-hour play session. There is no limit to how many play sessions a user can start per day.

Hopefully once this beta is concluded we will get news of a wider launch. For now, if you expressed interest in GeForce Now powered by rain, check your email or rain account to see if you’ve been selected to join the program.

Despite asking rain for an update on Tuesday, the company has still not responded.


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