Melon Mobile launches eSIM and Family plans in SA

  • Melon Mobile has announced the launch of two in-app features – Melon eSIM and Family Plans.
  • Melon Mobile says the eSIM can be set up by customers within five minutes and without the need to visit a store.
  • Family Plans will be available from Melon Mobile starting 2nd October 2023.

In April of this year, Melon Mobile officially launched in South Africa, with it calling itself the country’s first fully digital Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

The company looks to be going strong, having now announced the launch of two new features available via its app – Melon eSIM and Family Plans.

Looking at the former, Melon Mobile notes that it is capable of offering a truly digital eSIM experience, as customers can set up and start using their eSIM within five minutes, along with not having to visit a store, according to the MVNO.

Provided you have an eSIM compatible device, the company will also allow customers to make their Melon eSIM their second SIM, in order to use data and voice on other existing contracts.

“eSIM is another step towards a truly digital mobile company. Our customers now have the choice to use our service over eSIM or physical SIM, or even have a Melon eSIM as a secondary SIM to take advantage of our Data & Voice prices – especially when they are locked into long-term contracts they can’t get out of,” enthuses Calvin Collett, founder and CEO of Melon Mobile of the new feature.

Shifting to the Family Plans, which are set to be available starting 2nd October 2023, users will be able to create multiple Melon subscriptions on one account, with data and voice capable of being allocated to several profiles.

The main account holder will be able to manage Top-Ups and Monthly Plans for each user, with the MVNO noting that this feature will be ideal for households wanting to keep tabs on their monthly mobile data and voice spend.

“With the launch of Melon Family Plans, South Africans will have the freedom to build customised plans suited to each person they wish to include in their Family Plan. They then have the ability to Top-Up or change plans whenever necessary, all from one account. It’s the personalisation of mobile plans for the whole family,” adds Collett in a press release sent to Hypertext.

If you’re intrigued by the offering, you can download the Melon Mobile app on iOS or Android.


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