More than a million licence discs will expire this month

  • The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is urging South African motorists to renew their expired licence discs this month.
  • It says 1 049 412 motor vehicle licence discs will expire by the end of September.
  • The RTMC also reminds motorists that a 21-day grace period exists for those who do not renew before the expiry date.

With more South Africans set to head the roads in the coming months and festive season, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has issued a call for those motorists whose licence discs are set to expire by the end of September, to renew as soon as possible.

The RTMC says as many as 1 049 412 motor vehicle licence discs will expire by the end of the month.

It was also highlighted the fact that many South Africans have simply forgotten to renew in time, with the multiple extensions issued by government as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lockdown, meaning many could not renew as they wished.

These extensions have since fallen away, however, there is still a 21-day grace period from date of expiry licence disc expiry, the RTMC explains.

“As a result, a total of 1 049 412 motor vehicle licences are expiring this month (September) and must be renewed by the end of the month. However, there is a 21-day grace period after the expiry date to renew without additional costs. Thereafter arrears and penalties for late renewal will be changed,” the RTMC noted per SA News.

“To assist vehicle owners, the RTMC is sending out email reminders with MVL1 forms. To avoid queues and time wasting, owners can fill the form on-line and make the necessary payment at the convenience of their homes. A new motor vehicle licence will then be sent by courier within three to five days,” it added.

Having used RTMC’s services ourselves for a driver’s and vehicle licence renewal, we can attest to it being a far better and quicker experience than at a licensing department service centre, which often has to deal with system outages, the effects of loadshedding, or simply keeping irregular hours.

“Those who have registered already can login and finalise the renewal in less than 10 minutes,” the RTMC concluded. You can check out its site for more information here.

[Image – Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash]


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