OneCart app adds comparative shopping tool for cost savvy consumers

  • The OneCart app is highlighting a new comparative shopping tool designed to help consumers find the best pricing for products before heading to the digital checkout.
  • The feature is part of a larger refresh of the app now that OneCart has been acquired by MassMart.
  • OneCart is also offering free deliveries until the end of September.

OneCart has announced a new feature as part of its mobile app that allows local consumers to compare pricing on similar products across different retailers. The comparative shopping tool has been rolled specifically to address the rising cost of living across the country in 2023.

We have also seen some retailers use rising costs to inflate the price of items, and therefore having the ability to compare across different stores is quite helpful indeed.

“They can then place an order from as many stores as they’d like, and have their curated basket delivered in a single transaction, within a 60-minute window,” OneCart highlighted in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“Using a single shopping app to get the best prices from multiple retailers in one transaction is both more efficient and more affordable than the multiple app, multiple transaction alternative that shoppers are having to use today,” added Aidan Johnson, chief executive at OneCart.

Along with the new comparison tool, the ecommerce offering is also highlighting the benefit of its in-app concierge service, which, which uses a real-time chat service between shopper and customer.

OneCart says this is particularly helpful as it allows consumers to make more informed decisions about product substitutions, instead of being surprised by something they were not expecting when the delivery happens.

While customers can pay a R35 fee to ensure their purchases are delivered within a 60-minute, the ecommerce platform is punting the new comparative shopping tool by offering free delivery on orders until the end of September.

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