WhatsApp introduces new enhanced features for business

  • WhatsApp says it will introduce a set of new features to the Business app.
  • The features are supposed to make it easier for businesses to reach their customers without requiring third-party applications.
  • Businesses on WhatsApp will be able to create their own menus, book customer appointments, receive direct payments and soon apply to become verified.

Following Meta holding its Conversations event in Mumbai, India, the popular chat platform says it is introducing a new host of features to the WhatsApp Business app.

New features include a way for businesses to offer booking services more quickly, as well as a way to make direct purchases on the WhatsApp platform. Meta says that soon it will allow businesses to apply to become Verified on WhatsApp too.

WhatsApp Flows is a feature where businesses on the platform can offer booking experiences right from WhatsApp without the need for third-party apps.

“We’re launching Flows so businesses can offer more experiences like quickly choosing your train seat, ordering a meal or booking an appointment – all without leaving your chat,” Meta says in an announcement.

WhatsApp Flows in action.

Flows lets businesses create their own forms and menus to expand their customer experience. Meta gives the example of a travel business creating an aeroplane seating chart, where customers can select seats right from the WhatsApp app.

Next up is a new menu that allows you to select different payment methods on the chat platform itself. Meta says that the new system will allow customers to add items to their cart and send a payment using methods and companies which support UPI apps, debit and credit cards and more.

Meta apparently teamed up with fintechs Razorpay and PayU to make these on-app payments possible. As of right now this feature has already launched in India, but seeing as both Razorpay and PayU have South African presences, it stands to reason that a local launch wouldn’t be outside of the question.

Finally, Meta says it will begin allowing businesses on WhatsApp to apply to become verified.

“For businesses interested in signing up, Meta Verified will come with additional premium features including the ability to create a custom WhatsApp page that is easily discoverable via a web search, and multi-device support so multiple employees can respond to customers,” Meta explains.

The WhatsApp Business app will begin testing Meta Verified “soon” starting with small businesses before introducing the feature to businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform in the future.

“We’re excited to continue building great features for businesses to improve the customer service and other offerings they provide to people, and look forward to hearing how these new updates help establish connections, build relationships and get more done,” the company concludes.

The new business features are hot on the heels of WhatsApp launching Channels worldwide, where users are able to follow popular creators, companies and news agencies.

[Image – Meta]


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