HP’s AI Studio is designed with data scientists in mind

  • HP has unveiled a new suite of software called Z by HP AI Studio.
  • The software is specifically designed for use by data scientists, and aims to assist when it comes to AI and machine learning-driven data projects.
  • The new offering is currently waitlisted, but those interested can request a demo.

This week HP held its Imagine 2023 event in Palo Alto, California. The event saw the technology company debut new hardware, printing solutions, and of particular interest to us, a software platform called Z by HP AI Studio.

As you can likely tell by the name, the Z designation means this new platform is designed with HP’s workstation users in mind. More specifically data scientists working on artificial intelligence and machine learning projects.

With the company citing that employment rates in the data science sector are expected to grow by 36 percent from 2021 to 2031, having a dedicated platform for data scientists makes a lot of sense.

Unpacking what the AI Studio will offer, HP says it, “enhances our workstation solution to connect data teams, tools, and compute. The AI Studio platform is uniquely designed to foster collaboration with the right tools and compute to accelerate workflows among data scientists and AI developers wherever they are in the world. It enables users to create shared projects, connect to the data needed, and invite collaborators in just two clicks.”

“Additionally, HP’s AI Studio software empowers teams to deploy models at their discretion, wherever and whenever they choose, and scale workflows as needed across all environments – local, edge, and cloud. This platform delivers maximum flexibility to drive innovation, plus more predictable AI development costs,” it adds in a press release.

Further highlighting some of the platform’s key features, HP notes that it will allow developers to work together on projects, regardless of their location, as they have the ability to connect and collaborate locally and via the cloud.

Another important feature is the ability to provide better predictability of AI development costs, which should help organisations plan and budget more effectively, especially as AI-focused projects can prove costly if left unchecked.

Sticking with other plans around AI, HP also confirmed that it is, “collaborating with NVIDIA to be the first company to offer dedicated workstation solutions with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform to the market in the coming months.”

“Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from Z by HP and our continued work with NVIDIA in 2024,” it concluded.

As for when you can get access to Z by HP AI Studio, the platform is currently waitlisted, but you can request a demo of the solution, provided you are in an region where HP has the expertise to do so.


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