MrBeast Feastables arrive at Game on Friday

  • Game has announced that it will be bringing MrBeast’s Feastables to South African shoppers.
  • The chocolate slabs will retail for R49.95.
  • It’s unclear which flavours will be brought to the country or whether other Feastable products will arrive on our shores in future.

Continuing the trend of YouTuber food stuffs arriving in South Africa, Game will be making Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s Feastables available this week.

The retailer sent out an email blast this week announcing that the chocolate slabs would be available from 20th October. However, the chocolate slabs would cost R49.95 for 60g of chocolate. For reference, a slab of Cadbury’s Top Deck 80g retails for R21.99.

“Whether you’re a fan of crispy or creamy chocolate, MrBeast Feastables has it all. With every bite you’ll experience the same joy that MrBeast is known for,” Game wrote in the email.

The retailer doesn’t say which flavours it will be selling to customers. Per the official Feastables website there are currently three flavours available:

  • Milk Chocolate Crunch,
  • Milk Chocolate and,
  • Deez Nuts.

Yes, that is the actual name of the chocolate.

There is also no mention of Karl Gummies or MrBeast Cookies coming to the country.

For now it looks like you will have to head to a game store on Friday to get your hands on some Feastable chocolate. Should we be able to get a few slabs we’ll let you know what it’s like compared to the chocolate we have hear in SA in one of our taste tests.

Earlier this year Checkers began selling PRIME, the drink co-created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. While the drink sold in massive quantities after launching these days we’re seeing many many piles of PRIME on the floors of Checkers. The retailer even dropped the price to R25 when buying four last weekend.

Maybe chocolate will be a better seller locally although at R50, we’re not so sure.


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