Samsung Galaxy owners get access to unlimited but temporary cloud storage

  • Temporary Cloud Backup gives Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners access to unlimited cloud storage.
  • This service will, however, only store your data for 30 days before it is deleted, but it is free.
  • Only files up to 100GB can be backed up with this service.

Here’s a convenient service Samsung is making available to its customers – unlimited cloud storage.

Before you start uploading your phone’s contents to Samsung Cloud there are several caveats that you need to be aware of, the most important being the temporary nature of the storage. While unlimited, the files will only be available through Samsung Cloud for 30 days hence the feature’s name Temporary Cloud Backup.

Samsung Galaxy owners can use this service to back up the contents on their smartphone before taking a device in for repairs or when switching handsets.

“Temporary cloud backup provides a reliable and convenient way for users to back up and restore important information,” said Chiyoung Seo, vice president and head of Cloud Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “This upgraded switching experience based on Samsung Cloud2 aims to provide peace of mind to Samsung Galaxy users that precious data will not be lost, thanks to the connected power of Galaxy’s ecosystem.”

This unlimited storage is free but file size is capped at 100GB. All one needs to do to get this offer is sign into the Samsung Cloud using a Samsung Account. You will also need a WiFi connection for uploads.

This service is also being made a part of Maintenance Mode so taking your handset in for repairs is less worrying. Users will receive a notification before the 30-day period expires and their data is deleted.

Temporary Cloud Backup is rolling out now but will be made available to Samsung Galaxy S and Z series smartphones running One UI 6 in South Korea first.


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