Stage 2 loadshedding to be implemented at 16:00 this afternoon

  • Eskom suspended loadshedding for a large portion of this past weekend.
  • The suspension will remain in place until 16:00 this afternoon, with Stage 2 lasting until 05:00 the following morning.
  • The power utility plans to suspend loadshedding during the day, provided generating capacity remains favourable.

This weekend, Eskom was able to suspend loadshedding, with no blackouts for all of Sunday. The power utility confirmed yesterday what the loadshedding schedule will be for the coming days, with Stage 2 set to come into effect.

To that end, Eskom noted in a power alert on X (formerly Twitter) that Stage 2 loadshedding is expected to be implemented at 16:00 in the afternoon, lasting until 05:00 the following morning.

Eskom added that this format is anticipated to be in place for both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The reason for better overall loadshedding outlook, is as the result of, “stable generation capacity with breakdowns at 13 158MW and planned maintenance at 6 051MW of generation capacity, loadshedding will remain suspended today until 16:00 on Monday,” the power utility explained in the aforementioned alert.

The Stage 2 loadshedding schedule for the next few days is expected to be as follows:

16th October17th October18th October
05:00 – 16:00SuspendedSuspendedSuspended
16:00 – 05:00Stage 2Stage 2Stage 2

[Image – Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash]


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