Uber Eats gets multi-store ordering sans additional delivery costs

  • Uber Eats has announced a new feature called multi-store ordering, allowing customers to place orders at multiple locations on the same order.
  • While this feature has existed in some aspects already, the key difference here is that you are not charged additional delivery fees per restaurant.
  • The new feature is only available in the US for now, with no word on availability in other regions just yet.

Uber Eats has announced a new feature that will be of interest to consumers wanting to order from more that one restaurant or location on the app, but have always been put off by the potentially high additional delivery costs. This as the company is making multi-store ordering available.

As the name of the feature would imply, multi-store ordering allows users of Uber Eats to select food or products from multiple stores on a single order, without receiving additional delivery charges for each new location added to said order.

Here the company explains that the new feature, “will allow you to order from a second nearby restaurant, convenience, or liquor store in the same session, without paying an additional Delivery Fee.” 

“This builds upon earlier testing of ways to add items to an order—and brings a major expansion in the stores and restaurants available for bundling,” it adds in a blog post.

As for the steps for access the feature in-app, they are explained as:

  1. “After selecting items from a store’s menu and adding them to your cart, tap “Bundle another store” at the bottom of the menu;
  2. Add items from a second store and then head to checkout;
  3. Place your bundled order and enjoy.”

At this point, we should point out that multi-store ordering is limited to launch in the United States for now, with no word in the aforementioned blog post about a wider global rollout at this stage.

Given that Uber Eats says this is a feature that many customers have been baying out for, hopefully it makes its way to other parts of the world in the coming weeks or months.

South African users of the app have been able to add to orders, with a 10-minute window often given for adding items or products from nearby locations of the primary ordering spot.

This method does, however, carry the additional delivery charges per new location added, so multi-store ordering is certainly something that we could make use of here.

[Image – Photo by Zhuo Cheng you on Unsplash]


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