A Terminator anime is coming to Netflix

  • Netflix has announced that a Terminator anime series is heading to the streaming platform.
  • No official launch date or window has been mentioned, other than it is “Coming Soon”.
  • Netflix has tapped up Production I.G to create the series.

This weekend Netflix brought its Geeked Week to a close, with the annual event being crammed full of intriguing announcements and reveal trailers, including media for Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Umbrella Academy, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

The announcements did not stop there though, as now a Terminator anime series has been confirmed thanks to a teaser trailer.

Very little is known about the animated series, with the aforementioned trailer (embedded below) simply giving a date relevant to the subject matter, and confirming the studio that will be helming the project.

Regarding the former, it looks like the Terminator anime will be set in the late 90s, with the date of 30th August 1997 being mentioned. As such, it does not reference the dates of either of the first two (and best) Terminator films, so we could see a wholly new piece of media related to this cinematic universe arrive in animated form.

As Variety reports, the significance of the date is that this is when the Skynet AI becomes self aware and sets in motions the events that lead to humanity fighting against the machines. There is also a whole new cast of characters set to appear, but it is unclear at this stage whether Sarah Connor, John Connor or the T-800 will feature in the series.

As for the other piece of information shared, Production I.G is the anime studio that will bring the series to Netflix. For those unfamiliar with its work, Production I.G has a stellar track record when it comes to bringing some of the best properties to screens, including Haikyu!!, Psycho-Pass, and more recently Heavenly Delusion.

This hopefully bodes well that we’ll see 2D instead of 3D anime, which has proved quite divisive on other Netflix anime.

Either way, “Come with us, if you want to stream.” (Apologies, someone had to do it).


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