Check Point teams up with Netcampus to train 100 graduates

  • Check Point Software has announced that 100 graduates in the Kagisano Programme will receive its cyber skills training.
  • This is made possible through a partnership with Netcampus Group.
  • Check Point states that there are 10 000 cybersecurity professionals in Africa tasked with protecting over a billion citizens.

As Africans come online thanks to satellite internet, mobile broadband and other connectivity solutions becoming more widespread, cybersecurity should be top of mind for many.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity can be complex and many ignore the dangers lurking in the digital hallways of the internet. This can be catastrophic not only for individuals who fall prey to hackers but for businesses as well. To change Africans’ attitudes toward cybersecurity, Check Point Software has announced a partnership with Netcampus Group.

Together, the pair hope to offer access to Check Point’s cyber skills training for 100 graduates over the next two years. These 100 students will form part of 2 000 graduates within the Kagisano Programme, an initiative that is funded by the Department of Employment and Labour.

“By equipping young South Africans with these critical skills, we can unlock their potential, foster entrepreneurship and enhance their employability in a technology-driven market,” said Netcampus Group’s chief executive officer, Tebogo Makgatho.

“Check Point with their Internationally accredited curriculum in cybersecurity ranging from vulnerability, penetration testing, hacking, networking, and cloud security will create quality cybersecurity graduates. These individuals are expected to address the huge demand from large corporates looking to generate trustworthy and secure decision-making insights and to engage with customers and protect their organizations from cyber threats,” Makgatho added.

According to Check Point Software’s 2023 Mid-Year Security report, there has been an 8 percent increase cyberattacks and Africa isn’t well equipped in fighting the growth of cybercrime.

“With only 10 000 qualified cybersecurity experts across a continent of 1.2 billion, Africa’s vulnerability to cyber threats is starkly evident. Our partnership with Netcampus is a step toward mitigating this risk and strengthening Africa’s digital defenses,” regional director for Check Point Software in EMEA, Pankaj Bhula said in a statement.

The training will take place physically rather than digitally which severely limits the reach in our opinion. We also have to note that training 100 graduates doesn’t seem to be all that many given the scope Bhula outlined in his statement above. While we appreciate that Check Point Software can’t training tens of thousands of people, we believe that 100 individuals is a drop in an ocean that grows more turbulent everyday.

Graduates who are interested in furthering their cybersecurity skillset either through Check Point’s course or other courses within the Kagisano Programme can head to this URL.


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