Comic Warehouse rolls out 70+ percent Black Friday sale

  • Comic Warehouse is also taking a “Black November” approach to sales.
  • The sale is now live online and in store.
  • There are thousands of discounts available with some higher than 70 percent off.

One of Gauteng’s best kept secrets is Comic Warehouse, a huge congregation of nerd culture tucked away in Bedfordview. Even if you haven’t heard of Comic Warehouse before now, you should pay attention to the Black Friday sale that it has kicked off.

Well, we say Black Friday but Comic Warehouse, like many other South African companies, has chosen to stretch the sales event out to cover a much larger stretch of time. Because of this, the company is also running a Black November sale that is live right now both through the online store and the physical store.

We’ve scrolled through the thousands of items included in the sale and it seems that Comic Warehouse has actually undersold itself a bit. That’s because, in a Facebook post advertising the sale, 70 percent is listed as the ceiling of just how deep the discounts can get. In our poking around, however, we found a few items with a higher discount.

And these weren’t throwaway items either, as the impressive Cammy action figure from Play Arts Kai (seen in the header image) is actually 78 percent off. Originally R2 000, it is now selling for R450. The math on that one doesn’t entirely work out as the price should be R440, so just keep that in mind when looking for stuff to buy.

We highly recommend giving the sale a look around yourself but we have also hand-selected some great ones we saw while investigating. These aren’t necessarily the items with the highest discount or the overall best deal, but instead products that are most interesting to us that are also decently priced.

Also keep in mind that some items are available in very limited quantities. Again we go back to the Cammy figure as it has just one left in stock at the time of writing.

  • Play Arts Kai Street Fighter IV: Cammy – Action Figure | Was R2 000 | Now R450 | LINK
  • Play Arts Kai Street Fighter IV: Sakura – Action Figure | Was R1 600 | Now R620 | LINK
  • Harley Quinn Suicide Squad – Movie Art Watch | Was R495 | Now R148.50 | LINK
  • Loungefly Birds of Prey Crossbody Handbag – Harley Quinn | Was R1 342 | Now R939.40 | LINK
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Aang 5″- Action Figure | Was R349 | Now R244.30 | LINK
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: Zuko – Action Figure | Was R449 | Now R269.40 | LINK
  • Among Us Mega Squishme Red | Was R220 | Now R176 | LINK
  • Among Us Mega Squishme Purple | Was R220 | Now R176 | LINK
  • Star Wars: Ep 7 – Resistance X-Wing Fighter | Was R1 673 | Now R1 003.80 | LINK
  • Star Wars: Ep 7 – Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter | Was R1 673 | Now R1 003.80 | LINK
  • Star Wars: Ep 7 – First Order TIE Fighter | Was R1 673 | Now R1 003.80 | LINK
  • Marvel Heroic Hands #2A: Iron Man – Life-Size Statue | Was R1 500 | Now R1 050 | LINK
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Crafable Action Figure – Series 2 | Was R220 | Now R154 | LINK

Visiting Comic Warehouse

As mentioned the Black Friday / Black November sale at Comic Warehouse is live online and in the actual store, but there are two reasons to go with the brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

The first is that the aforementioned advert states that there are “maybe some hidden [deals]” in the store.

The second reason to visit is just because Comic Warehouse is just a really fun place to be. If you ever wanted to know “what would my local comic store look like if it was the size of a warehouse?” This is exactly that.

On top of this Comic Warehouse actually has several other companies operating inside of it. Timeless Cars sells both scale models and real vintage cars and these are all on display so there’s a lot of window shopping on offer for petrolheads.

There’s quite a lot of food on offer too. Cookie Co. is an import sweet shop that also has coffee and baked goods, while Kaylees is a sit-down vegan restaurant and grocery store.

These additions make Comic Warehouse such an interesting visit outside of the “giant comic store” idea and these sales are the perfect extra reason to visit.

Here is the business on Google Maps to help find your way there.


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