Destiny 2: The Final Shape is delayed but don’t expect a 7 month season

  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape has officially been delayed to 4th June 2024.
  • In the gap between February and June, Bungie will host Moments of Triumph and a new direction for Destiny 2 in Into the Light.
  • All of this gap filling content will be available to all players and serve as a catch-up mechanic ahead of The Final Shape’s launch.

For the last 10 years Bungie has been telling a story of Light versus Darkness in Destiny and that story reaches its conclusion next year, although now, players will have to wait a bit longer for that conclusion.

Last month Bungie fired a number of staff and in the midst of that news, and there were rumours of a delayed launch of The Final Shape, the next and supposedly final expansion for Destiny 2. However, Bungie didn’t confirm nor deny these reports until Monday evening.

“The Final Shape needs more time to become exactly what we want it to be, so we’re moving its release date to June 4, 2024,” the Destiny 2 development team wrote.

“The Final Shape is the culmination of the first ten years of Destiny storytelling and, for Guardians everywhere, countless hours spent together. We want to honor that journey, so we’re taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision, one that we hope will be remembered and treasured for years to come,” the team continued.

This announcement also included a sneak peek at what Bungie has planned for the content gap that would now be present between February, when the Season of the Wish is supposed to end, and the launch of The Final Shape in June.

Once Season of the Wish concludes, a new set of weekly quests will be dispatched to players. These quests are called Wishes and will be available to all players.

“It’s going to start slow in February with things like Moments of Triumph and a series of progression, reward-centric weekly quests we’re calling Wishes,” Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn said in a video.

“Then in March we’re going to be pulling Guardian Games in and this year it’s got a revitalised focus on the class versus class competition we think is really going to accelerate the creative and the excitement around the event. But ultimately we’re trying to get towards April and May where we’re going to be talking about a new period of Destiny we’re calling Destiny 2: Into the Light. Now as we get closer to Into the Light we’re going to be talking more about it in the new year. But this is really built not only for the folks that have played Destiny for 5 000 hours but also for your friends, for your family, for the people just getting into Destiny and want to prepare for The Final Shape. We’re really excited for the content and rewards coming with this so please stay tuned,” added Blackburn.

What exactly Wishes will encompass is unclear but, given the armoury of weapons, the buffet of activities and missions Bungie could re-issue from past seasons, we suspect that the months between February and June will be used to give players who ignore the FOMO aspect of Destiny, a way to catch up.

We also latched on to what Blackburn said about Into the Light being a way for new players to catch up before the final expansion. How many new players are going to jump into a game before it effectively ends?

While Bungie says it will continue development for Destiny 2 in Episodes rather than seasons, we don’t see this appealing to anybody outside of the veteran and committed player base. Sure, Destiny has some excellent combat but the gameplay loop of completing ritual activities, doing an end-game activity or two and dropping into PvP for a few rounds gets old rather quickly. Frankly, had Destiny 2’s story over the last two years been as good as it has been, we’d have lost interest very quickly.

Finally, on the subject of PvP, three new maps will be added to the game in May 2024. These maps will be located on Neomuna, a terraformed Pyramid ship and Europa. The maps were compared to Javelin-4 in size which is great for Trials of Osiris and other 3v3 PvP modes.

The final season in Destiny 2, Season of the Wish launches later today with new Exotics, missions, weapons and armour to chase down.


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