How to “reset” your loadshedding schedule in EskomSePush

  • At the weekend EskomSePush updated the loadshedding schedules on its app, but not all users can see them.
  • A rather simple fix can help you find the correct loadshedding information for your area.
  • Users will need to search their areas again in order to view the updated schedules.

Following the Springboks’ World Cup win on 28th October, loadshedding made an untimely, but wholly expected return. In the days since, EskomSePush has been sending out notifications confirming that an updated loadshedding schedule would be added to the mobile application, and this past weekend, it happened.

While the addition is greatly appreciated by many South Africans currently battling loadshedding, some have not been able to find our view the updated schedule.

It is not a glitch or problem on the app, with a fix being rather simple to implement.

As EskomSePush noted at the weekend, users will need to search for their areas once again on the application in order to gain access to the newly updated and accurate loadshedding schedule pertaining to the different blocks.

The steps to do are as follows:

  1. First check your current areas in the EskomSePush app. Be careful to note the correct extension too.
  2. Click on a specific area, then select the settings tab in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select to remove the area from your list.
  4. Once that is done, search for the desired area again with the correct extension.
  5. From there, the area should appear in your list, along with the updated loadshedding schedule.

If for whatever reason you still see a “no loadshedding” listed for today, 6th November, it is important to remember that loadshedding is suspended as of time of writing until 16:00 today, when Stage 2 will take effect.


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