LEGO joins Black Friday sales across South Africa

  • Most LEGO-specific and general stores have some kind of sale on LEGO
  • The expensive toy brand can be picked up for less.
  • Stock has already sold out in some places.

LEGO is known for three things: its superb quality, its versatility to make just about anything and its high price. To counter that last point Black Friday sales are now live just about everywhere that LEGO is sold.

Before we point you to the sales we highly recommend checking out the definitive guide to buying LEGO in South Africa that we wrote at the beginning of this year. It gives you the basics around which stores offers what, outside of the pure discount numbers. Other factors like loyalty systems and free gifts can make the difference.

For Black Friday we will point you to the stores having notable sales for you to look around. With hundreds and hundreds of sets in the LEGO catalogue it may not be productive to look through all the sales in their entirety. Instead we recommend choosing a set (or sets) that you need and then checking which store has it the cheapest, again factoring in those loyalty systems and gifts.

Great Yellow Brick / LEGO Stores

[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

The official, physical LEGO stores in South Africa also sell online through the platform Great Yellow Brick.

Both online and in store shoppers can enjoy sales up to 40 percent along with double points in the Brick Rewards loyalty programme.

Several gift with purchase sets are being given away if you meet the spending threshold but take note: items on sale do not contribute to the gift with purchase. To qualify for a gift with purchase, 100 percent of the spending threshold needs to be met with full price items.

That major downer aside, it is worth noting that sale items still net you double points.

Import A Toy

[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

Import A Toy isn’t rolling out any fancy tricks for Black Friday, just steep sales. There’s no caveats to mention here or things to be weary of, it’s just an outright sale.

In our guide we mention that Import A Toy is usually the cheapest place to get LEGO during the rest of the year and that remains true on Black Friday for certain sets, but not others so again look around before pulling the trigger on anything today.

Toy Kingdom

[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

Every single item of stock that Toy Kingdom is selling both online and in stores is under the “4 for 3” sale. Buy four toys and the cheapest one is free. LEGO is included, of course. The maximum you can save doing this is 25 percent, assuming all four toys are exactly the same price.

On top of that there are also individual items discounted by 50, 30 and 20 percent off.

We do have to warn that you carefully check the pricing from Toy Kingdom and compare to other stores before buying. We’ve seen Toy Kingdom routinely price their LEGO higher than RRP and sometimes, even on sale, their pricing is worse than other places.

Toys r Us

[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

All LEGO on Toys r Us is 20 percent off.

The only LEGO not discounted in this way has specific, higher discounts. These can be found here.


[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

Takealot also had 20 percent off all LEGO this morning but it was very limited and the LEGO community members we spoke to didn’t manage to claim anything.

Now there is just a generic sale on certain sets which you can find in the link above.


[Click here to go directly to the Black Friday Sale]

Once again this is a 20 percent off everything sale.

The small chain of physical stores (which also sells online) is noteworthy for its generous loyalty system, something we didn’t cover too closely in the guide mentioned earlier. We will rectify this in a new version of the guide coming in 2024.

More stores

Below find more stores with Black Friday sales on LEGO that aren’t as noteworthy either because of smaller sales, low amounts of stock or less interesting sets.


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