Liquid C2 announces strategic partnership with Google Cloud

  • Liquid C2 signed a memorandum of understanding with Google Cloud in Africa earlier this month.
  • The partnership will give rise to three primary solution areas centred around AI and data analytics, cybersecurity and collaboration.
  • This partnership will grow Liquid C2’s toolkit of solutions available to businesses.

This year’s annual AfricaCom/Africa Tech Festival has been a rather busy one for Liquid. Liquid Dataport announced a partnership with Intelsat and now Liquid C2 has announced a partnership with Google Cloud in Africa.

The partnership was penned earlier this month after the pair signed a memorandum of understanding. This partnership will, according to Liquid C2, allow the firm to enhance its cloud and cybersecurity offerings. Businesses interested in the growing popularity of artificial intelligence also stand to benefit.

“Our partnership with Google will enable our enterprise, public and SME customers to harness
the power of Google Cloud to enhance their data analytics and security postures and have
access to the latest AI-driven tools. Our multi-cloud strategy compliments Cassava
Technologies’ pan-African data centres and fibre broadband digital infrastructure all of which
are key enablers of our vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind,” newly minted chief executive officer of Liquid C2, Oswald Jumira said in a statement.

The partnership will focus on three primary solution areas. The first of these is a focus on using AI and analytics to help companies fully leverage their data. This will help break down data silos so that companies have a broader view of the business and can harness that to make full use of their data.

Secondly, as a cybersecurity-focused business, Liquid C2 will provide the expertise and solutions customers need. With Google Cloud in Africa as its partner, Liquid C2 customers will be able to leverage the same security tools and practices Google employees including Chronical and Mandiant solutions.

Finally, this collaboration will help customers more easily access collaboration tools such as Google Workspace. “The objective is to empower teams of all sizes to work creatively and productively from any location, with security integrated into the design,” Liquid C2 said in a statement.

This may turn out to be a rather fruitful partnership given Africa’s growing digitalisation and appetite for digital solutions. This also adds to Liquid C2’s burgeoning suite of solutions from big tech firms such as Microsoft and AWS.

You can find out more about Liquid C2’s solutions here.


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