Liquid Dataport partners with Intelsat to keep Africa online

  • Liquid Dataport has announced a collaboration with Intelsat.
  • The firm will leverage satellite connectivity to help businesses run business-critical applications in the event of power outages.
  • This solution is currently available in South Africa with more regions to come in future.

Power outages aren’t exclusive to South Africa with power generation on the African continent being lower than any other region in the world. This proves to be a problem for many companies, especially those in the telecommunications space.

Power cuts can sometimes disrupt an entire network and if a power cut happens in an area where major infrastructure is located, it can mean the entire network becomes inaccessible.

To address this, Liquid Dataport a business of Liquid Intelligent Technologies has announced a collaboration with satellite service provider, Intelsat. Through this partnership, Liquid Dataport will be able to increase the availability of fast and reliable connectivity, even during power outages.

“Access to high-speed connectivity is critical to the digital transformation in Africa, as the continent works towards becoming a digital economy. However, the impact of intermittent availability of electricity in recent years is a major hurdle in Africa becoming a digital economy. However, due to our collaboration with Intelsat, we can now help businesses remain connected even during the hours of load-shedding. This project will prove to be a key asset to bridge the digital divide as businesses will no longer be impacted by connectivity downtime,” chief executive officer at Liquid Dataport, David Eurin said in a press release.

One of the marquee aspects of this collaboration is Service Continuity. Liquid Dataport says that this will allow businesses to keep business-critical applications running even during power cuts. This is made possible through the use of low-power satellite equipment running on solar or small generators.

The service is up and running in South Africa as a way to offer businesses a solution to loadshedding.

“The benefits of satellite technology are limitless. Leveraging our global network, we look forward to supporting Liquid Dataport’s efforts for businesses in South Africa in minimizing disruptions caused by load shedding,” Rhys Morgan, vice president and general manager of Media and Networks sales at Intelsat for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said of the collaboration.

Liquid Dataport says it will continue to explore solutions that accelerates Africa’s digital transformation. We’re sure the collaboration with Intelsat will also help the firm reach more regions over time and help Liquid Intelligent Technologies achieve its vision of a connected continent that leaves no African behind.


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