Melon Mobile introduces new Unlimited Plans

  • Melon Mobile has announced new Unlimited Plans as part of its local Summer promotions.
  • The unlimited in this case refers to voice and texts, with different data packages on offer.
  • The packages start at R199 for 5GB of data, as well as unlimited voice and texts.

Mobile Melon, which bills itself as South Africa’s first fully digital MVNO, has been debuting a number of new offerings in recent months. The latest is part of its promotional packages for Summer, and come in the form of new Unlimited Plans.

Unlimited in this instance is in reference to the voice calls and texts that are bundled with the packages. They are still, however, limited in terms of data, and broken up into different tiers based on how many gigabytes are being made available.

“We’re not just introducing new plans; we’re challenging the status quo. We believe that everyone deserves to communicate without limits. That’s why we’ve tailored our Unlimited Plans to ensure that every South African has access to premium mobile services at incredibly affordable rates. It’s time to break free from limited offerings and embrace the unlimited possibilities with Melon Mobile,” enthused said CEO, Calvin Collett, in a press release sent to Hypertext.

As for the packages themselves,, they are as follows:

  • Unlimited 5GB Plan: Unlimited voice and texts, 5GB of data, for R199,
  • Unlimited 10GB Plan: Unlimited voice and texts, 10GB of data, for R299,
  • Unlimited 15GB Plan: Unlimited voice and texts, 15GB of data, for R399,
  • Unlimited 25GB Plan: Unlimited voice and texts, 25GB of data, for R499,
  • Unlimited 50GB Plan: Unlimited voice and texts, 50GB of data for, R599.

To find out more about the new offerings, head to Melon Mobile here.

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