Melon Mobile launches SME-focused Melon Business

  • Melon Mobile announced the launch of its new SME-focused offering called Melon Business.
  • The new division of the company will deliver mobile solutions in the form of customisable mobile plans for small businesses.
  • Melon Business will offer the option of a free physical SIM or eSIM, as well as data and voice that never expires.

Melon Mobile has been on a tear in 2023, having only launched in April of this year. The company’s latest offering was announced at the inaugural South Africa Future Trust Summit and is focused on local SMEs in particular – Melon Business.

Melon Business is designed to offer SMEs a fully digital journey, according to Melon Mobile, with customisable monthly plans they can change as their business does.

These plans will also include the option of a free physical SIM or eSIM, along with data and voice that never expires. As with Melon Mobile other offerings, following a RICA process, same-day porting and a dedicated help team will be made available. 

“From the outset, our goal was to create a business-focused platform from Melon. We looked at every aspect of how mobile connectivity could benefit a business and focused on simplifying the process for business owners, operations managers, and systems administrators. By applying the insights and knowledge gained from our consumer offerings, we have adapted those strengths to meet the specific demands of business users,” noted Calvin Collett, CEO of Melon Mobile, regarding the new offering.

Melon Mobile has highlighted the following advantages of its newly launched offering: 

  • Bulk Onboarding: A streamlined process enabling businesses to effortlessly register and integrate users. 
  • Multi-SIM Management: Centralised management for multiple SIM cards on one account.  
  • Competitive Pricing: Customised Monthly Plans or a Pay As You Go option cater to varying business needs and budgets. 
  • Customisation and Control: Enhanced ability to modify plans, update user profiles, monitor usage, and maintain administrative control.”

To find out more about Melon Mobile, head to its website here.


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