Takealot’s Cyber Monday PlayStation 5 sells out in 2 minutes

  • Takealot offered 50 customers a PlayStation 5 at R7 999.
  • The deal was over in just two minutes.
  • Many users reported website issues and delays.

In South Africa local customers rarely get the massive discounts that made Black Friday and Cyber Monday so popular in America, so when a genuinely great deal comes around it is all the more desirable.

This was seen earlier today when Takealot released 50 PlayStation 5s at a massive discount. Using a special code Takealot was selling the Sony console for only R7 999.

This is quite a saving as the regular listed price for the 1TB Glacier White disk version PS5 is R13 699.

With such a huge discount of R5 700 on the table, the deal went fast. According to Takealot, in a follow-up tweet, the sale lasted less than two minutes before all the stock was gone.

In replies to both tweets, however, customers rightfully pointed out many problems. The Takealot site slowed down significantly as people rushed to try and get the deal and when / if they were able to finally get access the code did not work either because the 50 uses had already been grabbed or because of other problems. Some people even report that the code did reflect the discounted amount but they were unable to complete the purchasing process to actually get the PS5.

We can report that we experienced some of these same problems. We hopped on at exactly 09:00 only to be greeted by the Takealot site barely loading and an error message when we entered the GAMEOVER code. Game over indeed.

There are also a lot of angry comments with claims about the sale not being run properly which we won’t get into as this kind of site problem are common for such high-demand discounts. That being said we do want to see at least a few legitimate customers sharing that they managed to get a PlayStation 5 at R7 999, to give some credence to the whole affair.

As a country that usually prefers Sony console it seems that the PS5 is a popular item to get the discount treatment. Game had the console for only R6 499 but with an even more limited 10 available.

EDIT: Takealot has announced it will sell 100 more consoles later today but at a higher price of R9 999.


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