The LEGO Avengers Tower comes to South Africa for R10 399

  • 76269: Avengers Tower has 5 201 pieces, 31 minifigures and costs €500 overseas.
  • South Africans will be paying R10 399 when it launches locally.
  • The set was leaked for weeks but LEGO has finally revealed it.

An open secret in the LEGO community for many weeks now, LEGO has finally revealed its latest behemoth set in the form of 76269: Avengers Tower.

Made of 5 201 pieces, this set builds the iconic skyscraper bearing the Avengers name. Sometimes also known as the Stark Tower, this is specifically the version of the building that appears in the MCU.

Overseas buyers will be paying €499.99, £429.99 or $499.99 depending on where they live when the set launches on 24th November AKA Black Friday.

Unfortunately for South Africans, we’re getting a worse price and release date. Great Yellow Brick, the online store for the official LEGO stores in South Africa, has the Avengers Tower listed for R10 399 and launching in “Early December”.

South African LEGO pricing is usually based on the Euro and, at the time of writing, €499.99 is almost perfectly R10 000.

While we understand that bringing in such large items is expensive, this one is priced on the high side.

We said that because another LEGO set, Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings, is also €499.99 in Europe but priced favourably in South Africa at R8 999.

Pricing and availability aside, let’s go back to the actual set and the fact that we specified that this is from the MCU. It’s important to make that distinction as the last building of this kind that LEGO did, the Daily Bugle, was instead based on the comics and had no real connection to the movies. This Avengers tower is solidly from the MCU and you will find a huge amount of figures from throughout the decades of these movies and shows.

“Features 31 familiar figures, including Iron Man, Wong, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hulk, War Machine, Vision, Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff and The Wasp,” reads the description of the set.

Making up the rest of the minifigures are various Ultron drones, SHIELD Agents and even one of Kevin Feige himself. Yes, we do mean the real person and MCU boss Kevin Feige and not a character played by him.

This inclusion has had the LEGO world a bit confused as all other sets of this kind only have fictional characters. Many fans have also wondered why Feige was included as he has never appeared in the MCU directly as a character. It has been asked why Stan Lee wasn’t included instead given his many, many appearances in Marvel movies.

A character played by Stan Lee has even been in Avengers Tower itself when he played a WWII veteran that gets drunk on Thor’s Asgardian alcohol.

The minifigures also get some extras to go along with them, such as flight stands for the flying characters, a Leviathan and even a super-deformed chibi Quinjet that can just barely fit one minifigure in the cockpit.

Look at poor Nick Fury crammed into that thing.

The odd minifigure selection aside the rest of the set has been generally well-received from both the LEGO and MCU communities.

Those 5 201 pieces make a building that is 90 centimetres high, 25 centimetres deep and 34 centimetres wide.

The inside of the building can be accessed by removing the back of Avengers Tower, which comes off as one piece. Each floor is used to represent key moments from the MCU such as the fight between the two Captain Americas, the “puny god” moment when Hulk swings Loki around, Tony Stark’s suit up after Loki chucks him off the building and more.

Speaking of Loki there is another oddity in this set as there’s a jail for him in one of the top floors. This is clearly the jail that is on the Helicarrier, so we’re not entirely sure why it’s here. If we had to guess Loki is such a big part of the first Avengers movie, and the Loki show is really popular right now, so he gets his own space in the building.

While we have our problems with the minifigure selection and the odd use of floor space in this set, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited for it. We’ve been hoping to see a fully realised Avengers Tower for the longest time and we don’t think the core of the building itself could have been done any better at this size.

Our last question about South African availability is whether or not local fans will receive a gift with purchase. Overseas the first buyers of the set on the weekend of its launch will get a free, small set depicting Black Panther fighting some outriders on a yellow cab taxi. South Africa gets some gifts with purchase sets, but not all of them, so we will need to wait until early December to find out.

Until then we’ll leave you with a gallery of product images of the set. Best start saving now for that R10 399 price.


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