Threads adds ability to post to its platform alone

  • Threads users are reporting that they can now opt-out of automatically sharing cross-posting to other Meta-owned platforms.
  • This is a feature that users have been asking for.
  • Meta noted last month that it was looking to take on user feedback in order to actively improve its latest social media platform.

Remember Threads?

Billed as a potential X (formerly Twitter) killer when it was first announced and rolled out globally in July this year, the latest social media platform from Meta has failed to prove as popular as other options in its stable like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The former two platforms are rather pertinent here as this past weekend, Threads users have begun reporting that they are seeing the option to opt-out from automatically sharing posts from Threads on Facebook and Instagram too.

As The Verge points out, this is a feature that users have been requesting for some time, so it is good to see start to officially make its way onto the platform.

The publication also notes that Threads was actively taking on feedback from users last month, in a bid to quickly iterate improvements on the platform, which proved wildly popular in the first few days of its availability, but has died down significantly in terms of active use.

If you’re an active Threads user, and wish to restrict which other Meta-owned platforms you cross-post too as well, accessing the newly added feature is rather simple.

Here, you will need to click on the menu found in the top right hand corner of the application, then head to the privacy tab. From there, the “Suggesting posts on other apps” option will give you two other social media platforms you can toggle sharing on/off on – Facebook and Instagram.

If the option is not appearing for you yet, it is expected to roll out to most regions where the application is available, in the coming days and weeks.

[Image – Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash]


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