Track this Black Friday’s big spenders on Peach Payments

  • Peach Payments has launched an online dashboard tracking purchases in South Africa this Black Friday.
  • The dashboard features live information for purchases by the hour, by province, by method, in total, and more.
  • At the time of writing, Gauteng leads the way in terms of merchant transactions.

One of our favourite recent past times for Black Friday is not actually buying things (especially as we do not have money to do so), but rather seeing what big ticket items other South Africans are purchasing during this retail holiday.

Helping us keep track for 2023 is Peach Payments, which has launched an online dashboard for the country.

“The dashboard shows the amount of transactions processed via the payment service provider, and also includes other data points, such as payment methods used, provincial breakdown and a ticker of transactions happening by rand value,” the company explains in a press release shared with Hypertext.

Looking at some of the early figures, 147 720 Black Friday-related transactions have been completed already this morning. Unsurprisingly Gauteng and Western Cape lead the other provinces in terms of transactions, accounting for 54.26 percent and 42.82 percent of the total respectively so far.

The dashboard also features a regularly updated infographic sharing what the largest purchase is between certain hours. Right now, that’s R156 757 as of this morning, which was used to buy something related to the travel industry, so we’re guessing an overseas flight.

Whether that can be bested this Black Friday remains to be seen.

Along with intriguing data, the online dashboard will also detail what, “Peach Payments’ merchants are offering so that they can score big this Black Friday weekend.”

“The aim is to help merchants and consumers get a handle on the sheer volume of online payments South Africa’s economy is supporting. As South Africa’s second largest online payment service provider, we wanted to provide a snapshot of the overall volume of business. We believe that if merchants and consumers see how big the trend is, it will build consumer confidence and help merchants scale their businesses,” notes Joshua Shimkin, head of SME Growth and Marketing at the company.

If you want to stay in the know for this Black Friday via Peach Payments, use the hashtag #PeachFriday on Instagram.


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