Ugreen PowerRoam: Don’t end the year without sorting out loadshedding

At the beginning of November we brought you the news of Ugreen and its new range of PowerRoam products that give South Africans another way to fight loadshedding and become energy independent.

PowerRoam Portable Power Stations are basically compact sources of power you can take anywhere thanks to their small size and wheeled trolley offering. Charge it up, take it where you want to go, and plug in full size devices and appliances thanks to the South African plugs built right into the body.

The PowerRoam line uses advanced LiFePO4 batteries from BYD (who you may know for its BYD Auto electric cars) to reinvent what you can do with large batteries. Unlike large battery solutions in the past that were slow to charge, quick to discharge and even quicker to die, this new generation allows PowerRoam to be better than ever. You can now look forward to 3 000 lifecycles from your PowerRoam Portable Power Station, fast-charging (a full charge in up to 1.3 hours depending on the model), a five-year warranty, and even WiFi and Bluetooth for remote control through the app.

These features were, just a few years ago, unheard of for batteries like this but the massive demands of South Africans under loadshedding have finally been answered with Ugreen.

Ugreen also offers a range of Solar Panels which further reduce your reliance on Eskom as you can now charge up your PowerRoam Portable Power Stations all on your own. This is also a more environmentally friendly way to survive loadshedding and it gives you even more options to stay charged up when away from home and away from the electrical grid. A Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station and Solar Panels make the perfect all-in-one solution to generate and use your own electricity.

Available now with more on offer

If you would like to pick up a Ugreen product it is best to act fast as the company is running a special promotion that will end on 3rd December 2023.

Want to shop online? Go to Takealot where you can enjoy up to 10 percent off. Takealot has long been South Africa’s favourite way to shop online and there you can enjoy the easy shopping process right from your home, free delivery, reviews and more.

But sometimes shopping at a brick and mortar store is preferred and for that Mica has you covered. Pop into your closest branch to grab a free Ugreen Carrying Bag and a free Ugreen 10000mAh 20W Power Bank with your purchase of the 680Wh/600W and the 1024Wh/1200W PowerRoam Portable Power Stations. Alternatively, buy the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station 2048Wh/2200W and you get a Ugreen 25000mAh 145W Power Bank free.

The Ugreen Carrying Bags really take the portability of the PowerRoam products to a whole new level. In an understated space grey colourway, the Ugreen Carrying Bags are designed from the beginning to work with the PowerRoam Portable Power Stations, with strong materials to carry the weight and three layers of protection to keep your investment safe.

Those intending to take their Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station outdoors for camping, off the grid living and other activities away from home will appreciate the cold and heat insulation and easy access design. If you’ve spent a long day hiking, building a fire, fishing or doing other activities outdoors you know the struggle of getting everything ready for the camp, and Ugreen has designed the Carrying Bags to make this as easy as possible. 


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