Will this be the most affordable 4G smartphone in SA?

  • The Digit4G Energy smartphone is slated to arrive in South Africa via Vodacom, with a potential price tag of R699.
  • The forthcoming device is powered by MediaTek, featuring the company’s MT6739 chipset.
  • The device will be sold via Vodacom, with a price point that’s designed to make 4G connectivity more accessible locally.

While flagship phones often get a lot of the attention in the mobile world, it is the more affordable devices that really sell, and ultimately make the biggest difference in terms of making connectivity accessible. This is one of the reasons why mobile device manufacturer Digit is preparing to launch a new 4G smartphone in South Africa and other select African countries via Vodacom.

The device in question is the Digit4G Energy (pictured above), which was revealed at an event hosted by MediaTek during Africa Tech Festival this week.

MediaTek comes into play here as its MT6739 chipset is powering many of the experiences on this 4G smartphone.

“Digit is leveraging the SoC to create a smartphone that delivers the DigitOS experience, 4G connectivity, front and back cameras, a touchscreen plus keyboard combo, preloaded apps such as WhatsApp, TikTok and Facebook, and an app store,” highlighted MediaTek in a release sent to Hypertext.

“Affordable and reliable Smartphones like the Digit 4G have an invaluable role in accelerating access to those networks so that everyone in Africa can enjoy the benefits of fast mobile connectivity,” added Rami Osman, director for Business Development, MediaTek MEA.

At the time of writing, an official launch date and local recommended pricing are yet to be detailed by Digit, but the company is expecting to sell the device in the region of R699 or potentially less.

The end goal here is to get 4G connectivity into the hands of more people, with large swatches of the African continent still using 2G or having no phone at all.

“According to the latest data from Vodacom, there are around 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa who don’t have a smartphone (2G only or no phone) yet, including 90 million Vodacom subscribers,” the release explained.

“4G device distribution and adoption is one of the greatest barriers to unleashing digital inclusion in Africa,” pointed out Davide Tacchino, managing executive for Terminals at Vodacom.

As for this 4G smartphone, along with the aforementioned MediaTek chipset, it is also sporting:

Digit4G Energy
ProcessorMediaTek MT 6739
Battery3 000mAh
Front camera0.3MP
Rear camera2MP
Connectivity4G, WiFi, Bluetooth

It will be interesting to see what the uptake for such a device will be, but given that many South Africans simply cannot afford the new smartphones arriving on the market these days, as well as also needing to ensure connectivity, Digit may have a potential winner on its hands.


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