EVERKI has the bag for school and after school

While many students are getting ready for a well-earned rest over the end-of-year holidays, it is not too soon to get prepared for a new school year, especially with the need to stock up on purchases which may be easier to do now before the rush that accompanies the holiday season.

For those students who want a bag to last them the entirety of their education and even into adulthood when they join the workforce, one brand should be on the top of the list: EVERKI.

EVERKI is a company started with the aim of creating modern bags which not only look stylish in any setting but also last for years. This is why the company offers a limited lifetime warranty for original owners, providing a guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.

If you’re tired of buying a new bag every single year EVERKI offers you a way to save money as you can pick up one EVERKI bag today and use it instead of the other options whose only reliable trait is eventually splitting apart.

While EVERKI’s focus on quality may be seen as a bit old-fashioned compared to the modern world of fast fashion that is designed to be thrown away, what is cutting edge about this company is the focus on electronics. All of EVERKI’s bags have dedicated areas for notebooks, tablets and other electronics. These areas have extra padding to keep your expensive electronics as safe as possible and the soft interior lining keeps screens free from scratches.

EVERKI bags also have features made for travel, such as the high contrast inner lining which allows you to easily see inside even in dim lighting and this also makes security checks faster. The trolley handle pass-through and hidden stash pockets for important documents are two more additions you will love.

Today let’s look at three bags that are perfect for primary school, high school, university and much more. Once you’ve chosen the one you want, or you want to explore more of the EVERKI range, start your shopping here.

106 Light Laptop Backpack

Despite being made to be as light and airy as possible, this backpack can still pack in everything you need with its spacious 23 litre capacity. Combine this with segmented interior and exterior pockets for even more storage, and you can get everything you need for even those long days.

The EVERKI 106 Light Laptop Backpack can fit a notebook of up to 15.6 inches and there’s another felt-lined pocket for a tablet up to 13 inches.

If you’ve been logging around a huge bag all your school years consider this as an alternative as you will be surprised by just how much you can fit in.

Business 418 Women’s Slim Laptop Tote

Buck the trend of backpacks with a tote. EVERKI is offering a new way to carry your things for school (or work) in a form factor that is more stylish and may even be more comfortable depending on what you need and how you carry.

The EVERKI Business 418 Women’s Slim Laptop Tote is very smart with its use of space by featuring collapsible inner pockets. They provide space for anything you need inside the bag – even large items like water bottles – but they simply fold away when not needed.

This tote can also take a laptop of up to 15.6 inches in its padded pocket and there’s a focus on comfort with the soft and thick straps to not only spread the load but also prevent slippage.

ADVANCE Laptop Backpack

Need a bigger backpack? The EVERKI ADVANCE Laptop Backpack has a huge 27 litres of capacity and can also fit a notebook of up to 15.6 inches.

On this backpack, we especially love the multifunctional side pockets. The sides of backpacks are usually reserved for water bottles and maybe umbrellas, but EVERKI has made these pockets with both a net and a zipped so you can put just about anything in there. For us this is the perfect space for a battery bank giving you a simple way to have the charging cable coming out of the bag.

While being the larger of the two backpacks we’ve looked at today, EVERKI has still made this as compact as possible while retaining the modern style that their entire range is known for.


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