GeForce Now is now available in South Africa in two flavours

  • After concluding its beta test on Monday, rain has announced that GeForce Now has officially launched in South Africa.
  • rain is making the Priority and Ultra tiers available to local gamers.
  • Players can link their Steam, Ubisoft, Epic Games and Xbox accounts to GeForce Now to play your games on any device.

After what was a mightily successful beta test, GeForce Now has officially launched in South Africa.

rain, which is the company we need to thank for bringing cloud gaming to South Africa, has announced that NVIDIA’s streaming service is now available to all South Africans and it’s rather affordable.

There will be two flavours of GeForce Now in South Africa via rain namely Priority and Ultra. Sadly, there is no free tier as there is in other markets.

Priority will cost R200 per month and gives you access to a premium rig with RTX enabled, priority access, up to 1080p resolution at 60FPS and a three hour session. There is no limit to how many sessions one can start in a day.

The Ultra tier costs R400 per month but for that dough you get to play on a rig equipped with an RTX 3080, 4K resolution and 120FPS and an eight hour play session.

Should you take up a rainOne subscription you will receive a 20 percent discount on the price of GeForce Now.

In all honesty, this pricing is well below what we were expecting from rain. Our experience with GeForce Now in the beta testing phase was excellent with very few, if any hiccups during our hours of play time.

What makes GeForce Now so attractive is the fact that you don’t have to have a beefy gaming PC to enjoy AAA titles. As the games are streamed to your PC, you can play the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 at full resolution without worrying about overworking your PC.

You will of course need games to play and if you have a Steam, Epic Games, Ubisoft or GOG account, you can seamlessly connect these to GeForce Now account and start playing. You can also connect your Xbox account to GeForce Now and take advantage of Game Pass to get gaming without owning a single game.

To sign up for GeForce Now head to the rain website, create an account and then select NVIDIA GeForce Now to start shopping.


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