Our top 3 RCT picks for school 2024

With the holiday season finally here students at every level of education are looking forward to some much-deserved rest, but it’s never too early to prepare for the year ahead. 

RCT has students covered with its line of peripherals which you can shop right now from rctzone.co.za

RCT is the homegrown brand of South African tech distribution giant Rectron. Rectron has been providing the country with quality devices for almost 30 years and it is bringing that knowledge to the RCT brand to offer local shoppers the best products and the lowest prices. 

Rectron is very aware that money is tight all around, which is even worse for students who are usually looking for the best bang for their buck even when the economy is in a better place. 

So today let’s look at three peripherals from RCT that will give you the advantage when school returns all for less money than you may be expecting.

One of our real pet peeves is having to sit down and complete important work on a notebook track pad. Even if you’re an expert at navigating with a track pad there’s no denying that a full size mouse gives you more control and, in the case of this wired option, more buttons to use.

This optical USB mouse has a high sensitivity of up to 3200 DPI and it’s perfect for use both at home / the dorm and out and about. As mentioned there are side buttons that give you more options both for productivity and even for games. Buttons like this, usually referred to as thumb buttons, are something you simply won’t be able to do without once you experience them.

At only R92.60 you really can’t go wrong with all you’re getting for less than R100.

The only thing worse than doing an assignment is having to do it twice which is why all students should be mindful of their data and make constant backups. 

RCT offers a wide range of drive enclosures and this version – available for just R151.80 – is our favourite. This sleek black enclosure can house your 2.5 inch SSD – this form factor being a particularly good one as it offers a great intersection between price and capacity. 

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday sales here this is the perfect time to marry an enclosure like this to a drive you can pick up for less money right now. 

This combo pack of a wireless mouse and keyboard is only R248.80. That gets you both of these wireless accessories giving you a full size keyboard and mouse to work with. If you’re tired of the cramped offerings on your laptop it may be time to upgrade. 

While there’s nothing as dependable as a wire, don’t overlook the wireless option. Many students have a home or dorm study setup that can become way too cluttered and unruly with wired accessories and going wireless with this bundle is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. 

A wireless mouse and keyboard also give you more flexibility in where and when you do your studies. Take these with you to work at the library, in class, or even when you go home for the holidays.  

While we have focused on the upcoming school year in this article the truth is that RCT peripherals are perfect for home, work, and anywhere else. Shop the full RCT peripherals range at rctzone.co.za to find what works best for you. 


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