Qualcomm and Adams & Adams launch intellectual property e-learning platform

  • Qualcomm is collaborating with Adams & Adams on the launch of the L2Pro Africa IP e-learning Platform.
  • The platform aims to make intellectual property knowledge more easily accessible to innovators across the African continent.
  • It offers information on the fundamentals of IP, which encompasses patents, designs, trade marks, and the integration of IP into business models.

Wholly original or innovative ideas are rare, which is why when you have one on your hands, it’s important to know where you stand from an intellectual property (IP) perspective. This is precisely why Qualcomm has collaborated with IP law firm Adams & Adams on the launch of the L2Pro Africa IP e-learning Platform.

As the name would suggest, this platform is focused on making in-depth training on the fundamentals of IP accessible to more innovators on the African continent. This encompasses patents, designs, trade marks, and the integration of IP into business models, the pair explained in a press release sent to Hypertext.

The program draws from globally applicable IP principles developed by IP law experts for L2ProIndia and The Inventor’s Patent Academy in the US. Both courses have also been authored by IP law professors and EDI experts who have made this complex topic accessible and useable by inventors.

“In Africa, where innovation and creativity are abundant, the level of patenting remains significantly lower than in other regions.,” noted Sudeepto Roy, VP of Engineering at Qualcomm.

“With only minuscule percentage of global patents filed in Africa, we are missing out on the immense economic potential that the continent’s ingenuity holds. This new free online training program, L2ProAfrica, is a critical step towards empowering African inventors with the knowledge and tools they need to protect their ideas and bring their inventions to life. We have seen at first hand, the impact of similar programs in Europe, US and in India, and are confident that by nurturing a culture of intellectual property protection, we can foster economic growth, create jobs, and transform Africa into a global hub of innovation,” he enthused.

Looking closer at what the knowledge will mean for local innovators, attorneys at Adams & Adams said a crucial part of the course focuses on individual filing procedures for patents, industrial designs and trademarks in the countries of Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, and Rwanda within the two African patent organisations – the ARIPO and OAPI.

“These step-by-step descriptions of per-country filing requirements empower inventors to interact effectively with IP professionals such as an IP attorney and their respective IP offices,” noted Adams & Adams.

“As a result of our extensive expertise and experience in securing and protecting IP across Africa, we are able to share our knowledge on navigating the various IP systems and provide support to start ups and innovators, who make a valuable contribution to economic development of the continent. Our involvement in the program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to strengthening the IP ecosystem and realising Africa’s abundant potential,” added Nicky Garnett, partner at Adams & Adams.

Those wanting to explore and make use of the newly launched platform can do so by heading here.

[Image – Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash]


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