Rumoured PS5 Pro specs leak online showing monster console

  • A rumoured leak of the hardware of the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro console has appeared online.
  • Sony has apparently been working on the console for some time, and this leak coincides with the company releasing a dev kit of the console to third party developers.
  • The PS5 Pro has not been officially announced, but could hit stores in November 2024.

After a report from a former Sony dev detailed that the Japanese company would likely bundle copies of Grand Theft Auto 6 with as of yet unannounced PS5 Pro in 2025, the speculation train has been running in overdrive across the net.

There hasn’t been much information released on the PS5 Pro, and all that is understood is that it will be a console that features upgraded hardware compared to the base PS5, which launched in 2020, similar to how the PS4 Pro compares to the base PS4.

Noted and trusted leaker Tom Henderson reported in July that Sony is working on an upgraded PS5 console, codenamed project “Trinity” and that Sony is looking at a November 2024 release date.

“Insider Gaming can report with a 100% degree of certainty that the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development,” wrote Henderson in his Insider Gaming blog, adding that “we understand that the first dev kit prototypes will be going to 1st party developers within the next couple of months, with 3rd party developers receiving them by the end of the year.”

These dev kits should already be in the hands of 3rd parties, according to Henderson in a post on X, which means that chances are increased of potential rumours and leaks being legitimate. And the rumoured leaks have been spilling in.

On Saturday, an anonymous user posting on ResetEra revealed information that appears to be leaked specifications of the upcoming PS5 Pro. Henderson himself said he could not comment on the authenticity of this supposed leak, so take the following details with a grain of salt.

The PS5 Pro apparently contains:

  • AMD Zen 2 CPU, 8 cores 16 threads, 4.4Ghz,
  • AMD Radeon RDNA 3, 2Ghz – 2.5Ghz, 14 – 29 TFlops,
  • 16GB DDR6 RAM at 576Gb/s bandwidth,
  • XDNA2 NPU architecture, which is supposed to be an AI-powered accelerator for more frames at higher resolution.

This is already a more powerful GPU compared to the base PS5, which has a AMD RDNA 2 at 10.3 TFlops, as well as a more powerful AMD processor. While both will have the same amount of RAM, the AI-powered accelerated included in the PS5 Pro will reportedly offer “stable upscaled 4K output at higher than 30 FPS” according to the supposed leaker. This AI upscaling will apparently be “one of the core focuses of the PS5 Pro, like we saw with checkboard rendering for the PS4 Pro.”

These rumoured specs also make it a more powerful console than the Xbox Series X, which is already slightly more capable than the base PS5 with its 12 TFlop AMD RDNA 2 GPU and its 3.8GHz AMD Zen 2 CPU.

If these rumours hold true, the PS5 Pro will be the most powerful gaming console to date. The leaker also indicates that Sony will announce PS5 Pro in September 2024 ahead of the November release window.

[Image – Photo by Charles Sims on Unsplash]


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