The Henry Cavill Warhammer 40K show is now in pre-production

  • The Warhammer 40K TV series or movie is ready to begin pre-production, according to IP owner Games Workshop.
  • The company says it has finalised its contract with Amazon and will be making either a film or a show.
  • Henry Cavill has been tapped as executive producer on the Warhammer media and is currently working to assemble a team of writers to finalise a script.

Yes, we did make that awful Henry Cavill/Emperor of Mankind amalgamation, and yes Cavill would make a good Big E, but we still don’t know exactly what part he will play in the actually happening Warhammer 40K TV series/ film being bankrolled by Amazon.

Since departing from the now-controversial Witcher series on Netflix, and rescinding his part as Superman in the imminently-ending DCEU, Cavill has apparently been hard at work helping to get Amazon and Games Workshop to sign the contract over the upcoming media.

That contract is now signed, according to a blog post from Games Workshop published on Monday, which owns the Warhammer 40K IP and all related materials.

“Back in December last year we announced Games Workshop and Amazon Studios had signed an agreement in principle to work together to bring the Warhammer 40,000 universe to screens, big and small,” the UK company writes.

“Well, today we have an update, and it’s one we’ve all been longing to hear. We’ve now signed the full agreement and the next stage can begin!”

Games Workshop continues that it is now working with Amazon to finalise a first script of something – whether a TV series or a film – and get it into production.

“All we can tell you right now is that an elite band of screenwriters, each with their own particular passion for Warhammer, is being assembled to help bring the setting and characters you love to the screen. This illustrious group will be championed by Henry Cavill, who stands ready to take his place as executive producer,” the company adds.

Games Workshop writes that it expects something to arrive on screens only in the next “two to three years” since TV and film production is a “mammoth undertaking.” While we’re going to have to bunker down and wait as clearly the project is in the earliest of days, it is good news that Cavill is helming the project as executive producer.

The man is a huge fan of Warhammer 40K. During the early days of the pandemic when the globe was mostly in lockdown, he spent his quarantine painting 40K miniatures, particularly Custodes which he also admitted to playing in an interview during a promotional tour of the Witcher.

Whether a film or a series, or both, Cavill’s involvement will at least ensure that the expanded universe of the series – mostly communicated through rule books and novels – will hopefully get the respect it deserves. We’re also going to be looking towards the Amazon Prime Fallout series, and how the company will handle that IP as a hint of what we can expect with the Warhammer 40K thing.

Fallout is another very nerdy, very beloved universe with niche origins. One, like 40K, filled with many different themes, running the gamut between serious and wacky. That show is slated to begin airing on 12th April 2024, and we’re somewhat excited to see how it plays out.


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