ChatGPT Store: 10 actually useful models to check out

After months’ worth of delays due to a back-and-forth power struggle at the world’s generative AI leader, OpenAI on Wednesday finally launched its ChatGPT AI model store. The store is now available to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, who can use any of the models on the store at no extra cost.

Non-subscribers can still peruse the storefront to see which models – or GPTs, made by users or OpenAI itself – are available, and the starter catalogue is quite impressive with over three million available. Subscribers can use a wide array of GPTs, from image generators to research assistants, which they can simply click on and chat as if they were using the normal version of ChatGPT.

The system is quite simple and intuitive and looks to us as the best reason OpenAI has produced yet to subscribe to its paid package.

Here are 10 useful GPTs now available to subscribers on the ChatGPT store:

At Hypertext we have often remarked on the dangers of abusing generative AI, but there is no doubt how useful the technology can be.

The new OpenAI GPT store comes with featured and curated picks that renew every week.

A featured AI research assistant. With Consensus, ChatGPT is enabled with over 200 million academic papers in a database. You can get science-based answers to any question you may have. You can also draft content for your research, and it will come with accurate citations and in-text referencing. This GPT is made to make your research less tedious. Here is a guide to doing research ethically with the help of generative AI.

A self-described “coding wizard.” Grimoire will create full websites (or anything) online with just a single prompt on ChatGPT. It also includes 20-plus hotkeys for coding flows and you can use it to learn how to prompt for coding and image generation with 27 starter projects to get accustomed to the system.

This GPT lets you insert your writing into ChatGPT, where it will analyse it and give feedback in order for you to improve your skills. You can ask ChatGPT questioned based on your own work, and it will give suggestions on basics like grammar all the way up to giving ideas on your narrative.

This GPT on the store is an interesting twist on the ChatGPT image uploader and analyser. Upload pictures of your plants and ask the chatbot why they aren’t thriving, what diseases they might have and how to properly take care of them. Want to know if those tulips are pet-safe? Ask Planty.

Is it getting tedious to find the right amount of hashtags and captions for your Instagram or X posts? Do you post several times a day for your work? You can use Image Caption Generator to write up captions and hashtags for you. Start by uploading an image and let ChatGPT do the work.

Struggling to get the right amount of search engine optimization (SEO) without sacrificing quality? Insert your text into ChatGPT and SEO Fox will help you optimise it with keywords in seconds. This GPT will help keep your work engaging and with originality. You can ask it to optimise short blogs to full-length articles.

Is your deadline rapidly approaching for that big presentation? No matter, use Slide Maker to get a headstart. Through prompts, it will generate PowerPoint presentations that it says are beautiful, after which you can adjust to your heart’s content. Information and images will be sourced online through ChatGPT.

An utterly insane GPT that claims to be able to convert images, audio, video, documents and more to whatever formats you are looking for. If you convert files often but loathe having to rummage online for free converters, this might be the GPT for you.

Convert Anything can handle individual or even batch uploads, and it supports ZIP files. Simply upload your file, prompt to what format you want it converted and ChatGPT will do so and provide a download link.

This GPT gives you access to a GitHub database, where you can pull code and then ask ChatGPT to describe any aspect of the code. A great way to learn a few pointers or tips and get an advantage in your coding work.

Practice speaking other languages with ChatGPT. This GPT allows you to learn local slang and phrases without being a local yourself. A good way to get a quick catch-up if you are travelling or are simply interested in learning another language.

These are just a few of the many GPTs available, and more will surely come as the API is floating around on the internet. There are loads of other interesting and unique GPTs to play around with, like Healthy Chef which gives suggestions to make your meals tastier and healthier (with nutritional insights) or you can play around with Hot Mods which can make your family photos or pictures of your cats into wild and insane images.

OpenAI has long struggled to monetise its popular chatbot platform, but for R375 a month the GPT Store provides a massive range of useful add-ons across a wide variety of use cases.


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