10 Comprehensive bursaries to apply for in 2024

Perhaps more so going into 2024, it continues to be more and more difficult to fund an education. Bursaries and scholarships are still the best, and most affordable, ways to fund tertiary studies, especially if the institution or entity that offers the bursary also offers post-graduate career opportunities.

Luckily, South Africa is filled with private companies and government departments that consistently put out bursaries for students across a wide range of studies, modules and professions. For example, in September the Department of Forestry and Fisheries opened a bursary and internship programme for students with a passion for conservation, forestry and fisheries management and the environment.

It is important to note that different bursaries cover different expenses and courses, and that there are aggregator websites out there that combine all available study offers out there in South Africa in one easily accessible location.

Here are 10 unique and comprehensive bursaries you should consider for 2024:

Mercedes Benz South Africa Bursary 2024

Running bursaries under the Mercedes-Benz learning academy, this bursary from the German automaker will pay full tuition costs and other expenses for students unable to afford tertiary education. The bursary will be awarded to those looking fields such as business studies, IT, finance, accounting, human resources, engineering, logistics and law.

It will also cover transport fees, textbook costs and even include a digital allowance. Find out more here.

Siemens Energy Bursary 2024

Siemens Energy sponsors a select number of tertiary students every year, selecting those unable to pay for their schooling who are passionate about engineering and technology and willing to shake up the energy sector.

A comprehensive bursary, Siemens will cover registration and tuition fees, exam fees, textbooks, accommodation and meals. Engineering and tech fields like IT and computer science are preferred. Find out more here.

MINDS Scholarship Programme for Leadership Development 2024

This bursary from MINDS – the Mandela Institute for Development Studies – seeks to fund the Honours and Master’s level studies of a select group of students. Students will require an excellent academic record and could have to study in another country on the African continent.

It will cover tuition costs, food and accommodation, cost of one return ticket and a fixed monthly stipend. Check this site to find out more.

Sanlam Information Technology Bursary 2024

One of South Africa’s largest financial services companies, Sanlam is now offering bursaries for the 2024 academic year in the fields of information technology, information systems, computer science, as well as data science, data analytics, business intelligence, stats and mathematics.

Bursaries from Sanlam will cover tuition and accommodation fees and provide a monthly stipend for textbooks, travel and pocket money. There are also post-study employment opportunities at Sanlam’s head office for select candidates. Find out more here.

South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) Bursary 2024

An agency of the Department of Transport, SACAA is looking to fund the study of future pilots and aeronautical engineers in 2024. It will fund those students looking to enter Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and aeronautical engineering and those wanting to train to become a pilot.

Find out more here.

South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) Bursary Fund 2024

This bursary offered by SAIBPP is looking to fund aspiring and current students with financial need who are looking to pursue full-time studies in property management or related studies, like real estate.

Full tuition, full accommodation, and a book allowance will be covered by this bursary. Aspirants for real estate and property jobs should head here.

TTI Bursary South Africa 2024

TTI is a bursary management firm that acts on behalf of large companies in South Africa, like Old Mutual, FNV, Momentum, Transnet and many more, and makes bursaries available for students thanks to these companies which act as donors.

This bursary programme will cover undergraduate and postgraduate studies at universities and TVET colleges across South Africa. Tuition fees, study materials, accommodation, monthly meals, and transport will also be covered. Additionally, students under this bursary will also receive mentoring, life skills training, industry coaching and psychosocial support.

Find out more here.

Career Wise Bursary Programme 2024

Another general study bursary opportunity is being offered by Career Wise for 2024. The company has been funding students since 1999, and works with donors that range from private firms to government departments and foundations.

A whole host of undergraduate studies are covered by this bursary, for students looking into accounting to agriculture. It will cover tuition, textbooks, accommodation, meals and even provide a notebook. Check out this site to learn how to apply.

Armscor Bursary South Africa 2024

One of South Africa’s leading weapons production companies, Armscor, is offering to fund the studies for those looking to get into certain engineering, computer science and chemistry studies for 2024. If your study field is aligned with the defence industry, Armscor will probably be okay with funding you.

The bursary will cover tuition, study material, accommodation, meals, and allowance and will provide work opportunities at Armscor during vacation periods. Check out this bursary here.

Gauteng City Region Academy 2024

The Gauteng City Region Academy is a branch of the Gauteng Department of Education, and aims to promote local skills in the Gauteng region. The department will fund undergraduate and postgraduate studies for underprivileged students from any field of study.

Registration and tuition fees will be covered, as well as accommodation costs, textbook costs and you will be supplied with a notebook. Applicants must reside within the Gauteng province. Find out more about this bursary here.

There are thousands of bursaries being offered and available for South Africans. You can find more here.

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