Centennial Schools offering esports scholarships for young learners

  • Centennial Schools has announced the return of its esports scholarships, with applications opening today.
  • Three different scholarships are on offer, ranging from R330 000 to R165 000.
  • They are being offered to Grade 6 to 8 learners who specifically excel at esports titles.

Much has been made of esports as a professional pursuit, particularly for those wanting to enter the field at an early age. While some parents have been skeptical of a career as a professional esports athlete, the money that can potentially be earned has turned some doubters into believers, so much so that Centennial Schools has launched its esports scholarships once again this year.

The application process kicks off today and will be available until 28th February 2024.

Centennial Schools adds that it is specifically looking to award scholarships to learners who are in Grade 6 to 8, and demonstrate skill when it comes to popular esports gaming titles. The education provider also explained how many scholarships will be offered during this period.

“There are three financial scholarships to Centennial Schools up for grabs – valued at R330 000.00, R220 000.00 and R165 000.00. Each of the winning students will also receive an ASUS laptop and 50% off the management fees levied by BRUSA, an organisation which facilitates scholarships in the USA for aspiring young eAthletes, should they wish to pursue that avenue after school,” it noted in a release shared with Hypertext.

“Teaching gaming in schools enables students to gain experience with solving problems, thinking critically, and collaborating and communicating. Gaming can be a beneficial alternative to passive media like TV and socials, and supports computing education, STEAM subjects, and the development of business, enterprise, digital and cyber skills, and digital literacy,” added Centennial Schools founder Shaun Fuchs on the value these scholarships present.

Those learners, or parents of learners, interested in the esports scholarships should take heed of the following before applying:

  • “The scholarship application requires students to compete in, and win, a gaming competition that includes Minecraft, Aimlabs, Overcooked, and Superliminal.
  • Centennial Schools’ standard entry exam must also be passed.
  • There are 3 financial scholarship prizes available: R330 000.00, R220 000.00 and R165 000.00.
  • Students in grades 6 – 8 are eligible to enter and win.
  • BRUSA is offering 50% off their management fees for the winning students.
  • Entries will open on 29 January 2024 and close on 28 February 2024
  • The competition, entry information, and full terms and conditions can be found at”

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