ColorOS 14 comes to local OPPO phones: Which ones will get it

  • OPPO’s latest mobile operating system, ColorOS, has begun rolling out to local devices.
  • The OS was first revealed in November last year and has been rolling out to different OPPO models and regions in phases.
  • As many as eight OPPO models are gaining access to the OS, with more expected in the coming weeks and months.

In November last year, OPPO unveiled its latest mobile operating system in the form of ColorOS 14.

The OS is notable for a few reasons, with it marking 10 years of the Chinese phone makers’ ColorOS iterations, as well as introducing what OPPO calls the Aquamorphic Design and a handful of AI-powered features.

“This significant update introduces an array of features, including an optimised Aquamorphic Design, AI-driven enhancements, and comprehensive performance upgrades. Since its inception in 2013, ColorOS has amassed over 600 million global monthly active users, continuously evolving to offer exceptional user experiences,” highlighted OPPO in a release shared with Hypertext.

Now ColorOS 14 has begun rolling out to this part of the world, as a number of different phone models will soon be gaining access.

In terms of the aesthetic elements, ColorOS 14’s Aquamorphic Design has some new new sound effects, color schemes, and interactions. Added to this are a few personalised aspects like being able to use emoji expressions as wallpapers, as well as adapting colours based on screen content, time, and device status.

On the more tangible side of things, the Trinity Engine within ColorOS 14 optimises performance by more effectively managing resources. The three parts of the Trinity Engine are ROM Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, and CPU Vitalization.

ROM Vitalization frees up memory by compressing app and file data within the Phone Manager setting. Here OPPO says smartphones equipped with ROM Vitalization can save up to 20GB of storage space.

RAM Vitalization can accelerate memory performance to boost multi-app usage and keep more applications alive in the background. The benefit is boost in “usage fluidity” by 10 percent according to OPPO with switching between apps being far smoother and frequently used apps kept running in the background for up to 72 hours.

CPU Vitalization is a described as system-level computing power scheduling technology. By balancing performance and power consumption, users can enjoy a smoother user experience without draining the battery, although a precise measurement for the improvement is not mentioned, and will likely vary depending on device.

Current models gaining access to ColorOS 14 include the:


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