Exotics, Last Wish weapons and Mementos earmarked as rewards for Wishes

  • Wishes arrive on Tuesday for Destiny 2 and give players a way to more easily round out their Exotic collection and arsenal.
  • At the same time, Moments of Triumph become available with a sparrow, ghost shell, seal, and shirt available as rewards.
  • A new community event asks players to collectively dispatch 7 777 777 enemies with Swords for a new emblem.

Next week, the first set of busy work for the remainder of a seven-month season launches in Destiny 2.

Following the delay of the launch of Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Bungie has thankfully created a few activities for players to engage with until that expansion launches. While it’s not much to write home about, it’s better than Season of Arrivals which ran for around five months without much, if anything for all players to do. Sure there was the 30th Anniversary pack but that required an additional purchase.

Thankfully, the content earmarked for the rest of Season of the Wish is free for all players and arrives on Tuesday with Wishes.

As explained by Bungie, Wishes will be can be collected from Mara Sov at the HELM every week. These quests will ask players to complete high-risk objectives in the Dreaming City including Legend Lost Sectors or dungeons.

Once complete, players will receive a Wish Token which can be redeemed for a reward from one of three different categories.

The first category are Red-Border weapons from The Last Wish Raid. These Red-Border weapons can have their pattern extracted and once enough patterns have been extracted from a weapon, it can be crafted.

Last Wish arsenal.

The second category are Exotics released this year during Lightfall. These Exotics include:

  • Hunter: Speedloader Slacks (Legs), Cyrtarachne’s Facade (Head), Triton Vice (Arms), Mothkeeper’s Wraps (Arms);
  • Titan: Cadmus Ridge Lancecap (Head), Abeyant Leap (Legs), Arbor Warden (Chest), Pyrogale Gauntlets (Arms);
  • Warlock: Ballidorse Wrathweavers (Arms), Swarmers (Legs), Cenotaph Mask (Head), Briarbinds (Arms).

The third category is marked as “Miscellany” and includes the Lost Memento, Dawning Memento, Ascendant Shard (two), Ascendant Alloy (two), or an Exotic Cipher.

The way this gameplay loop is described, it seems players will only be able to complete one Wish per week. Hopefully, this is one Wish per week, per character as six rewards per account is a rather weak offer, even for Bungie which is rather stingy at times.

Also launching on 30th January are Moments of Triumph. This event happens yearly and for this years players have 30 challenges, or Triumphs, to complete despite only needing 26 to access the MMXXIII Seal.

“On January 30, Moments of Triumph returns with a collection of 30 challenges, celebrating everything you’ve been able to achieve this past year. If you’ve been active, you’ll likely already have some of these completed, which just gets you closer to getting the 26 you’ll need to earn the MMXXIII title. Along the way, you’ll also earn some event rewards, including the new Laurel Shell for your Ghost, the Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow, and access to purchase the 2023 Moments of Triumph shirt,” writes Bungie.

To unlock these rewards, the following number of triumphs need to be completed:

  • “2023 Moments of Triumph shirt – 5 Triumphs
  • Laurel Shell – 14 Triumphs
  • Fire-Guilt Quadriga – 21 Triumphs
  • MMXXIII Seal and title and access to purchase the MMXXIII title pin – 26 Triumphs.”

Finally, as of Thursday evening, a new community challenge hit Destiny 2. Season of the Wish includes a crossover of sorts with The Witcher. Players can purchase Witcher-themed armour ornaments but this community event will award a new emblem.

“As a community, you just have to take down 7,777,777 enemies with Swords. And while we can’t pay you in coin, we have something better. How about we make the long-rumored Adventurous Spirit emblem available to all Guardians, once you’re done? It’s a relic of a different time, never available to earn… until now,” explains Bungie.

Adventurous Spirit emblem.

Once Wishes and Moments of Triumph have run their course, the next event on the agenda ahead of The Final Shape is Guardian Games. This yearly battle between Hunters, Titans and Warlocks makes for a bit of light-hearted fun and hopefully there will be some decent rewards on offer this year.

Aside from this, there are of course multiple Raids, Dungeons, Grand Master Nightfalls and even PvP in the form of Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner to keep players occupied until Bungie’s Light versus Dark saga reaches it’s conclusion.


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