Is Flipside Instagram’s answer to OnlyFans?

  • Some Instagram users are starting to see notifications about a new feature within the app called Flipside.
  • The Meta-owned platform teased the development of Flipside last year as a way for users to private a specific portion of their content.
  • It is described as a feature that allows users to be themselves, leading some to believe NSFW content could thrive there.

Instagram may be making a push for content creators to place NSFW content on its platform behind a new feature called Flipside.

A handful of users on the Meta-owned social media app have spotted a notification allowing them to create a private section within their profile that allows them to share content exclusively with people they have chosen to.

Flipside was teased as being in-development for Instagram last year, but now it looks like it’s ready to be made more widely available, although an official confirmation of such is yet to be detailed by Meta at the time of writing.

Being able to make your account private is a feature that has long existed on Instagram, but the ability to only wall off a section of content within a public profile is something new entirely. As such, some believe this may be a way for content creators to publish and share OnlyFans-style images and videos with a subsection of followers while still keeping their usual stream of content available to all.

While it still remains to be seen what the actual use case is for Flipside, the aforementioned notification details two main elements:

  • “Be yourself with a new space just for you and your friends.
  • Only the people you choose can see this side of your profile and what you share here.”
Screenshot of Flipside shared on Threads by girlinwhiteglasses.

As Alessandro Paluzzi, a reverse engineer on X (formerly Twitter), points out, however, this new feature is still subject to the community guidelines of Instagram, so it remains to be seen just how NSFW it could potentially get if that is indeed the play here.

It also means that those hoping the new feature is a “safe space” free of rules within the Instagram environment are out of luck, as the same terms of service that apply to the rest of the social media application will apply here.

Regardless, with Instagram being one of the most popular apps within Meta’s stable, it still needs to find ways to keep content creators on its platform and stop them from straying to others like TikTok or indeed OnlyFans.

[Image – Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash]


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