Mr Beast’s reported Prime Video deal makes no sense

  • Mr Beast is said to be closing in on a deal with Prime Video to develop a competition series for the streaming platform.
  • The deal is reported to be in the region of $100 million.
  • The series would first air on YouTube before making its way to Prime Video, which seems odd given the sizeable amount to sign the content creator.

The biggest content creator in the world right now, Mr Beast, is about to make many more millions if reports regarding a deal with Amazon Prime Video are to be believed.

It is said that Mr Beast and the streaming platform are nearing the signing of a $100 million deal for the former to develop a competition-based series, which is some of the content that he is best known for making.

Should the figure be true, it would be quite the sum given Prime Video recently decided to opt out of creating original series on the African continent.

The team behind Mr Beast, aka James Donaldson, pitched the idea of a series to a number of streaming platforms that saw Amazon win a bidding war to get it into development and onto its platform.

While the precise details of the series are unknown at this stage, including when the first episode will air, some information regarding the reported deal has surfaced. To that end, the first episode would feature on Mr Beast’s main YouTube channel, which now sits with a subscriber count of 233 million, before making its way over to Prime Video.

From there, all following episodes in the series will be available exclusively on Prime Video, although it’s unclear for just how long they will remain exclusive to the platform.

The Amazon streamer would also be fitting the production costs of the series, which would likely be high given the impact that it would need to make to lure Mr Beast’s YouTube fanbase over to another paid-for platform.

That said, given the success of Mr Beast’s Squid Game video (embedded below), which has amassed more than half a billion views since publishing two years ago, it seems like there is little that Donaldson cannot achieve within the content creator space at the moment.

Either way, the 25-year-old is preparing to venture outside of the realm of YouTube, so it will be interesting to see how he fares.

[Image – Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash]


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