New details emerge on Nintendo Switch 2 display – analyst

  • New details from analyst Hayase Hiroshi indicate that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have a larger display than the original Switch.
  • The Switch 2 is expected by experts to launch in March 2024.
  • A new version of the Xbox Series X and the PS5 could potentially also see a 2024 release.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is a little bit of a cryptid at this point. No hide nor hair of the creature has been seen and yet people believe that it is out there. It doesn’t help that analyst after analyst and industry expert after industry expert not only believes that it is real, but have been giving out tidbits of information.

Reports from last year said that Nintendo could launch the new console – as of yet without an official name – in March 2024.

It is believed that the console, which we will term the Switch 2 because that is likely what Nintendo will be doing, is currently doing the rounds in internal third-party beta tests. This means that partners of Nintendo, like game developers, are being granted access to kits of the new console, to test out the new hardware and see what they can do with it. Everything under NDA, of course.

But insiders have emerged from the Japanese gaming industry, such as Hayase Hiroshi from Omdia, a gaming analyst, who told Bloomberg that the Nintendo Switch 2 could feature an 8″ display. Hayase also believes that 2024 is the year that it will launch.

An 8″ Switch would mean that the upcoming console – or handheld portion of the console – would be bout 2″ larger than the original Nintendo Switch. There is still no official comment from Nintendo on the matter, even after journalists have sought it time and time again.

However, a larger screen bodes well for the rumours that Nintendo will be making a large upgrade to the Switch’s graphical fidelity with the new device. The latest rumour that made rounds on X is that the Switch 2 will have graphics comparable to those seen on the PlayStation 4. If true, this would be quite impressive for a handheld.

Especially for Nintendo, a company that has long preferred style over raw graphical power.

Also on the horizon for this year is a new Xbox console, or an upgraded version of the Xbox Series X. This device was revealed by Microsoft during its case against the Federal Trade Commission in August and September last year in an internal documentation leak.

Finally, the last competitor in the console space, PlayStation, is reportedly working on a version of the PlayStation 5 with more powerful hardware. This machine could hit stores in November 2024 in preparation for the holiday shopping season, with recent leaks suggesting that it could be the console with the most advanced hardware yet.

The “PS5 Pro” and the upgraded Xbox would then be capable of running the latest and greatest titles, like Grand Theft Auto 6, itself slated for a 2025 release.

[Image – Photo by Daniel Rykhev on Unsplash]


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