OPPO Find X7 Ultra unveiled in China

  • OPPO has revealed the new Find X7 Ultra in China today, which looks to be an exclusive smartphone for the region.
  • The distinguishing feature of the new device is its camera setup, which was created thanks to a collaboration with Hasselblad.
  • The Find X7 Ultra features a pair of 50MP telephoto lenses on the rear, designed for portrait photography and wider-angle shots respectively.

CES 2024 is currently underway, but in other parts of the globe new flagship smartphones are being revealed to the world.

Actually scratch that, as OPPO just unveiled its Find X7 Ultra smartphone in China, and before you get excited about glimpsing this device in your stomping grounds, Android Authority confirms that there are no plans from OPPO to release the phone outside of China.

As such, the prospect of seeing OPPO bring a class-leading flagship phone to South Africa that does not fold, is still to be realised.

In the interim, however, we can still fawn over the Find X7 Ultra, which places a specific emphasis on camera performance. As has been the case with OPPO’s previous premium phones, the X7 Ultra features a collaboration with Hasselblad when it comes to the camera array on the rear.

Here four 50MP lenses are present, which may not be that impressive in this day and age, but the interesting elements at work here are the fact that the X7 Ultra boasts two telephoto lenses. The first is a 1/1.56-inch Sony IMX980 sensor that supports 3x optical zoom and is designed with portait photography in mind. The other telephoto lens is a 1/2.51-inch Sony IMX858 sensor with 12x AI-enhanced zoom and therefore made with a wider range of focal length shots in mind.

Completing the quartet of 50MP lenses is a Sony LYT-900 1″ sensor and Sony LYT-600 sensor, with the latter intended for ultra wide-angle photography and one of the faster shutters you’ll find on a smartphone, as Engadget points out.

This impressive mix is therefore quite bittersweet to write about, as we’d love to test out its capabilities to see if what’s on paper matches with the in-person experience.

Hopefully, there are indeed plans to debut this device outside China in the coming months.

Looking at other aspects of the X7 Ultra, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor is present, making it one of the first phones to feature the latest mobile silicon from Qualcomm, with Xiaomi being the first late last year.

There’s also a 5 000mAh battery found internally that supports 100W SuperVOOC wired and 50W wireless charging. Up front a large 6.82″ AMOLED QHD (3168×1440) display, 16GB RAM, up to 1TB storage, an IP68-rated waterproofness and dust resistance.

With all of the above begging the question as to why OPPO does not plan to debut this high-spec peice of equipment to the world, hopefully the company changes its mind by the MWC 24 rolls around at the end of February.


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