Salesforce laying off a further 700 employees

  • Salesforce is reportedly readying to cut the jobs of 700 employees, as the latest round of mass layoffs across the tech industry continues.
  • The company recently let go of 8 000 employees, accounting for roughly 10 percent of its workforce.
  • It still has more than 1 000 job openings at the company, however.

2023 may have been a year when generative AI was the only thing anyone seemed to be talking about, but it was also a time when mass layoffs ran rampant, particularly in the tech industry. The start of a new year has not changed that trend, as Salesforce is the latest company reportedly readying to kick off another round of job cuts.

According to The Wall Street Journal (paywall), which broke the news earlier today, Salesforce will be letting go of as many as 700 employees.

At the time of writing, the company has not confirmed the plans, but if true, it comes on the back of a recent sizeable mass layoff where 8 000 workers’ jobs were cut, representing 10 percent of its workforce last year.

The reason for the layoffs back then was because the company “hired too many people leading into this economic downturn [2023],” it confirmed in a statement.

As for this latest round of cuts, as well as which divisions will be impacted by the decision, remains unclear at this stage.

Curiously though, Salesforce has also been on a hiring spree shortly after the aforementioned 8k job cuts, looking to hire as many as 3 300 new employees.

According to Reuters, there are still a little over 1 000 roles that need filling at the company, although there has been no mention if the ~700 being let go now will be able to apply for vacancies in other parts of Salesforce.

Either way, we clearly have a new tech winter on our hands.


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