Samsung’s latest TV lineup includes glare free OLED displays

  • Samsung has kicked off its CES 2024 showcase by unveiling its latest lineup of TVs.
  • Among the new offerings is a glare free OLED that reduces reflections while retaining colour accuracy.
  • The company also unveiled the world’s first transparent Micro LED TV, although its unclear if this will go into production.

CES 2024 begins in earnest in Las Vegas today and consumer electronics manufacturers have wasted no time in showcasing the latest technology they’ve been working on.

In the case of Samsung, its smart TVs are the main focus this week, with the South Korean firm’s lineup for 2024 featuring the usual array of high-end QLED offerings, but this year it has added new glare free OLED TVs to the mix, as well as the world’s first transparent Micro LED TV.

Starting with the glare free OLED TVs, the company says the new technology preserves colour accuracy and reduces reflections while maintaining image sharpness.

It also states that the technology will feature on selected models of OLED smart TVs in 2024 as it looks to expand the breadth of that specific segment, although which precise models are in the offing over the coming months has not been detailed.

“The OLED-optimized, low-reflection coating overcomes the trade-off between gloss and reflection thanks to a new, specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern,” Samsung explained in a blog post.

On the higher end of things, the company debuted its new QLED TVs, which will be offering in both 4K and 8K guises.

The 2024 models will be powered by Samsung’s latest NQ8 AI Gen3 neural processing unit which increases the amount of native neural networks on the smart TVs, “eightfold from 64 to 512, allowing everything on screen to be displayed in crisp detail.”

The new NPU also, “leverages NQ8 AI Gen3 for enhanced 8K upscaling, sharpening low resolution content so that it is displayed in ultra-high resolution,” according to the manufacturer.

No pricing or availability has been shared yet for the new QLED 2024 TVs, but Samsung’s local division will likely share those details in the coming weeks.

Rounding up the new slate of smart TVs is one that we may not see hit the market anytime soon, but is interesting to see in action. Here Samsung debuted the world’s first transparent Micro LED TV, with it potentially being used more in advertising and attractions than home entertainment.

“The screen, which looks like a piece of transparent glass, boasts an extremely small MICRO LED chip and precision manufacturing process that eliminates seams and light refraction,” Samsung noted.

“Touting a modular design that allows users to personalize the shape, size and ratio of screens to fit any space, MICRO LED is a truly innovative screen technology. Samsung’s years of research and development — stemming from its semiconductor expertise — have led to an extremely effective process, allowing LED chip operation circuits to be directly deposited on the glass and thereby mitigating the loss of brightness that users may experience with conventional displays,” it continued.


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